My Nervrecking Story.

Okay before I share my story. I truelly hope theirs others out there who's having the same experiences as I am. I still have questions. and needing answers. we are at an early stage in a relationship. I met him over the holiday vacation. and we had let's just say we made fireworks. we met up quite a few times after that. there was a kindle. we shered a lot about each other that we were no longer strangers. by the end of my vacation we exchanged information. when I got back to the states we were in a long distance relationship. and believe me it's unbearable. call me obsessive compulsive. I had gone out of my witz researching online for his background check. I even have him on twitter facebook and you name it. I even looked up all of his friends and look at what types of conversation went in between. Yes you can say im crazy. I even mached up our zodiac and numerology signs and it says we are pned howerfect mach. He' a 10 and im 10. I even learned how to read tarot cards just to cope with my anxious moment. as you can see it's a long distance relationship. but by the end of the day, he is just a simple guy. yes he calls me more than I call him and we text each other day in and day out. 1 day he said he was going to call me and I waited up all night waiting for that call. as you can understand how crazy that felt like for me. but then he text me later on thursday and said that he was busy and he was sorry that he couldn't call me. through our conversations, we always talk about how much we love each other so so much how much he misses me. we have plans coming up and he wants to move to the states. I hope this proposition will go through so man & men to get married and that will make me and him happy. we have a lot of great ideas we are young but we have a future to plan. what is so interesting about him. is he shares every single secrets with me. so it's more like a friendship like. he even tells me he likes **** with girls. so then I asked him are you sure I'm the 1 for you. there was a pause for a moment then he answered babe I love you with a crying sound in this voice. I had asked him again are you sure I'm the 1 you're looking for. there are girls but I'm a guy who is working on becoming a woman. he then took our memories back and he said to be the first night that he had looked at me. as you can see now. I have problems believing in words. action is what I believe in. but he does not know that. I hope that there someone out there who had been through this. just wanting to hear your opinion,
and your perspective. is this possible. from a straight guy. now he might be bi? I did the research on it and it fits the scripture. that would be great if he is cuz I can be open minded to that. but if he is straight I don't know where are going with this. please tell me your story.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

Hmm... I know it's not very romantic, but is there any other reason he could be really into you? Like, for instance, he needs a green card? I had a young lady who proposed marriage to me for that very reason. She was very upfront about it, but maybe this guy isn't being as up front as she was.
I could be completely wrong. Maybe this guy you're in love with lives in a place where he doesn't need to immigrate to the US. But it's worth thinking about if he does live outside the US.

He's into you you're into him. Go visit him and see how it goes.