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hey guy and girls i need some advice and this is to long to put on a question, my boyfriend that ive been dating for a year and a half broke up with me last week, we were crazy in love for our first year and a bit and i knew i was gonna spend the rest of my life with him, but we started to fight alot and it just got bad, i still loved him more then anything but we needed space and time to grow. He drop a bombshell on me the day after saying he wasnt in love with me anymore. But since then he has givin me a different message he had been telling some of my friends that hes hurt and broken hearted and he told me he think we could be together again and he still thinks im attractive and hes givin me no reasons for falling out of love with me that involve me as a person, so i think there was just resentment, and he says he misses me but not the relationship in terms of the fighting and i feel the same way i miss him but i know what we can be and i still love him, im giving him the space that he wants for a month but i dont know what to do cause its meant to be but i dont know what hes feeling...
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So what happened? give us a follow up, please.

I'm so tired from commenting for the past hour and a half that I'm commented out, but I hope that things have gone well for you and him. Have you got back together? I hope it's worked out for you. It sounds like he's sorry and misses you, and wanted to be back with you. Maybe if you two do get together again, you could go to some kind of couple counseling about the fighting. I always feel like couples should do something like that instead of just trying to get through everything by themselves.