I Am Bi Curious But I Want To Experiment With My Straight Best Friend

Okay....this is a very long story but i will try and keep it as simple as possible. I am going to be a senior in highschool. I have always been attracted to girls but every once in a while i will see a guy that catches my eye that I cant help but be attracted to. My bestfriend since 3rd grade has been the one guy that i have stayed attracted to. I am pretty positive i have been in love with him for a little while. I used to fight my feelings towards him but recently i couldnt resist. He has always been touchy feely with me (tickles me, wrestles me, and will even play with my nipples) at first i brushed it off because i didnt want to be gay but because he did it so often, I finally started to do it back. I thought he was like me and was kinda curious but what happened next made me think again. I started flirting with him and would occasionally try and make a move towards him by "accidentally" groping his manhood while we wrestled . He would then get pretty serious and not want to fool around any more. I guess i should have taken this as a negative sign but im a stubborn person and i would send him clues or signals by bringing up my penis. Im a pretty confident guy and i wanted him to know what i was packing so i told him in a sneaky way. At first he though i was joking but i told him i was serious and when i asked him how endowed he was, we would quickly try and change the subject (i dont know if he was ashamed of his size or if he was uncomfortable with me being a dude). but anyways i got tired of beating around the bush and told him i was curious and wanted to experiment by going down on him. he responded with "that is weird, im not gay". And even though he made it clear he was straight, he still insisted on being touch feely with me even though i pretty much told him i wanted his ****. If he isnt interested in doing anything sexually with me, why does he constantly rub my nipple, wrestle me, and tickle me? He is teasing me so bad but he wont go any farther than that! Do you think is is fighting his true feelings like i was or is he genuinely straight. Is there something i could do to get him to open up to me because i really want him!!!! (We also sleep together in the same bed sometimes and he doesnt mind either of us just wearing boxers) He has also seen my schlong fully erect while i was pretending to sleep but acted like he didnt see a thing when I asked him about it.
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You can try being more care free with him, next time he flirts with u or teases u IE plays with ur nipples and wrestles u, do not hide ur ****, and start only wearing shorts and only pants when u have to, but when it's just u two, always be commando.

Eventually he will come around, also if u wanna make double sure then just start doing squats alot and little exercises like that to get cut. Another thing u can do is ease him into watching **** with u and ask him to play with ur nipples randomly, at that point since ur **** is visible (commando shorts) after like the 15th time play with ur **** some, and eventually ask him to jerk with u.
Most importantly while u wait for the 15th time when he plays with your nipples, lay back and enjoy it BUT make sure to flex ur **** in your shorts so its more then visible.
Also when u do FINALLY jerk with him, make sure ur hole is smooth and u start trimming ur pubes weekly as well as balls shaved, maintenance is key, as well as PRECUM IS very important. If he is curious and u are well in doubt not many ppl can resist precum.
Anyways I've been in ur shoes ALOT before so if u need more info just tell me or email me at Samuel neison 123456789 at g mail . com
All one word but it won't let me post it that way.

"Do you think is is fighting his true feelings like i was or is he genuinely straight."

If he rubs your nipple (more than once), he doesn't sound straight. Tickling is another sign that he's gay, but in denial. I'm not so sure about the wrestling. Lots of guys wrestle. It's a guy thing. When I wrestled my flatmates, I just loved all that man on man contact, and it always had some sexual dimension to it from my standpoint. That may not be the case with straight guys, though.

"he still insisted on being touch feely with me even though i pretty much told him i wanted his ****"

It certainly sounds like he wants you sexually, but is either afraid of his own sexuality or that you are actually straight and are trying to humiliate him by outting him.

yes he can

Okay so what's the update on this story?? I gotta know

Thank you for responding! I haven't been on here for a while but thought I would update you guys. We have recently had a falling out. I recently got a gf and gave him a heads up that my feelings towards him were to intense to be super close because I didn't want to cheat on my gf. He took this as me picking my gf over him so he decided to tell my gf that I was bi and that I am in live with him so she would break up with me but she didn't believe him. She told me and we are still together and now I want to beat the **** out of him but he would get his family into it and then I would have to get my dad to beat his dads ***. So pretty much, I hate the kid because he stabbed me in the back. Such an unhappy ending but it's whatever I guess. I still think he's gay but he's hiding it because his family is anti homo religious jerks. Whatever I just don't understand how he could suck my fingers while looking me in the eyes and not be into me. (I forgot to include that in my first post)

Oh! Well, what he did sukt big time, but, THAT more than anything shows me that he really IS into you! I mean, if he wasn't, he would have been been GLAD you had a gf! But he was extremely envious and he really acted like a ***** telling your gf that. He is definitely into you. I still am hoping that you two will work something out... (because I'm a hopeless bi romantic perv!).

Yea it's so weird now. I have two classes with him and we sit next to each other in both classes. My friends shunned him for stabbing me in the back but they don't know the whole story. He's now dating my gfs bestfriend so it's so retarded. When I confronted him about the whole thing, he said he said the stuff he said because he was mad I picked her over him (idk why he thought that justified what he did)

" I still think he's gay but he's hiding it because his family is anti homo religious jerks."

There's your answer right there!

I agree with the post below. Human beings are so complicated. I have a similar experience. When I was 19 I met a friend who was 25 and we were friends for 8 years. During that time we shared and unbelievably intense connection. I loved that guy more than anyone in my entire life. He was my best friend. He was married and had kids, but one day he told me his wife asked why he didn't look at her the way he looked at me. I told him I liked to mess around with guys and he was cool with it. But I only ever wanted a friendship with him. Things got intense at times too because sometimes we would hold a look for a little extra longer or if our hands touched it was this intense feeling between us. Once we were doing some house work and we got drunk and he told me " I know u see something in me and I sometimes show you and sometimes I don't." I'm not really a super affectionate person and neither was he but sometimes he would just pull me into a hug with him. And out of nowhere he would kiss my forehead or cheek... He knew I've messed with dudes before and although If he were any other dude I would've sucked him off quick. I couldn't do anything with him.we never talked about it but opportunities came up that I could've pushed and didn't. His friendship was something worth more than anything sexual. And I loved him so much and it was so intense but it was that bond of friendship that I wanted and not destroy it with a more sexual relationship. And throughout all that he gave so many hints that he felt the same way, he never said it and be maintained he was straight. The truth was I never really wanted to know if he wasn't 100% straight anyway. I had the friendship i wanted and that was all that mattered to me. We're not friends anymore (for completely different reasons) and I haven't heard from him in 2 years but I miss him a lot. I feel like a piece of my heart is gone. And the crazy thing is, it was never sexual or physically intimate in anyway and yet the most rewarding and satisfying relationship I've ever had.

These stories, there are a few similar to this, are so frustrating to read because I've been there and I know what it's like. It's also so hard to know what to advise because humans are very complicated and one just never really knows.<br />
<br />
The wrestling, tickling and nipple rubbing could, I guess, be just his way of being affectionate. He probably does have strong feelings for you as you do for him. But, is it more? Well, that's what's so hard to know. I mean, if it doesn't mean anything to him beyond being friendly and affectionate, he probably assumes it's the same for you. <br />
<br />
So, it's so hard to know what to say. I mean, you did already ask him if you could suck him, that's pretty up front! Maybe you should just let it go and see what happens without doing anything else directly. Maybe if you kind of hang back, he will end up telling you something or initiating something. At least you would be sure that he wouldn't get freaked out and mess up what's a beautiful male/male friendship/love already.<br />
<br />
I hope things go well for you, and that you keep us informed.