i dont feel good enough, i feel terrible. i ****** up, someone help me
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If you are still looking to talk about this, I'd be happy to talk about it with you. I've been in different forms of therapy off and on for years, and so far I always come out feeling worse than when I started--not, as some people assume, because I don't "want to hear the truth," but rather because I feel more misunderstood by therapists than I ever do by the average person off the street. I am supposed to start a new form of therapy and am keeping an open mind. But so far just talking to friends online and offline has been far more helpful.

I hope that you are doing better. If you want to talk about things, I am a good listener.

I would love to hear more detail about this if you ever feel like sharing your experience. Therapy has always intrigued and scared me.

hi, my name is Ziyaad.. I'm not here to tell you how I can help you because I can't, but in my own way, I too think if anyone will get me let alone some dum therapist telling me what my problems are and what I'm going through when I myself know what I'm going through, some people just don't get it, but I do, I'm not offering any help but someone who understands what you going through, I hope you doing well and I'm here if you need me, just inbox of me or whatever, if you really want help, give yourself a chance but don't let people you don't trust to help you out, it never gets resolved, do it all in your own time

yes please message me

the police will open the case!

what are you talking about

traffic accident happened