A lot of people add me before they get to know me. If you really knew me would you still like me? If you knew my political views, my religion, my life views, all the bad things i have done in my life, the real inner me?

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
15 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I accept anyone who isn't just a perv, and when i mean perv i mean a man and a perv.

I still have that av and i would like to put it up again, but people see me as a lion so what am i suppose to do? <br />
<br />
and you are the best redhead.

I added you after we'd been talking for a long time.... you are my AWESOME LION!

IT was a nice way that time<br />
<br />
You had the swirly tatt as your avi

yeah sometimes.

It is. It's nice sometimes too

I expected us to fight and yet we became friends. Odd how the world works.

Haha I remember that. I was actually fighting someone else. That confession had over 200 comments!

Why didn't you think i would accept it?

Little do you know i expected to start a fight in that confession lala. <br />
<br />
yeah nerdbutt you are okay too.

I added you after we talked about boxing one night, that was cool

we never spoke before you added me. I recall asking why you did and you said you thought i was new and needed a friend. We are still friends so something must of gone right.

I like you ohhhhhh sooooooo much and I know you lol. Did I add you before i really knew you, maybe, i don't remember but I think you are one touch lion cub.

Yeah that there is.

I agree...and it's not your problem if they don't know or like you. if you are bold enough to share ur real experiences on here then people who add you should get a clue...i won't apologise for who i am on EP coz it's clear for everyone to see....if you don't like it then move on. there are enough people for all of us.......bf.