hi every1 my story is quite complicated and probably boring to many so i;ll try keep it short lol. Back in 2002 when i was 16 i went on holiday to perth australia with my mum and sister. whilst there it was anzac day and we met a couple of lovely gentlemen who were serving in the australian navy. Over the rest of my stay i became very good friend with one of them Rick was his name .  That is the problem i m desperate to trace him but i have no second name 4 him. when i returned home we wrote and rang each other a couple of times but it some how stopped. for nearly a year now i have benn trying to find his where abouts as i wuld love to get bk in touch with him just to see how life is going but unfortunately i have been unable to. if anyone coud help me i would be forever grateful. My story goes much deeper than this but i woudnt feel it fair to share with any1 else something which i have not shared with him. hope someone out there can help xx
linacre11 linacre11
Aug 31, 2010