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As Long As They Aren't Bill Collectors Maybe It's Ok For Them To Find Me?

The whiole issue of trust rears it's scary (for me) head.  I'm on some search sites with my real name and information and I get reports that someone is searching for me and all I have to do is pay this membership fee and they'll tell who they are.  One obvious problem is I'm not sure I want them to know where I am.  Also, they are all over the place in palces I never lived.  On the other hand, in the Army I met people overseas that of course had lives here that I never knew anything about so it's possible.  What do you do if you reconnect with someone from your past, even someone nice?  You're married and hopefully they are too.  You live miles apart and have had no contact for 50 years. What are chances you have anything in common?  What do you think?

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

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I look at their name tag and we show their picture as they were when they graduated to help you remember who you're talking to. There is so much water that has flowed through our lives that it taks a lot of talking to get up to date.

Sounds interesting, why don't you just check the name.

I went to my 55th High School reunion and remembered a lot of then even though I hadn't seen them since High School but found that I had little in common with any of them because we lost contact. I've since developed an email connection with a couple of guys from athletics. I was on the track team and the gym team and they were in football. But, what can you really talk about that's relevant to each other's lives?

You got it. You have to be in contact with someone on a regular basis to consider them a friend, I think.

I think I know which one you're talking about; they sent me a message someone is looking for you but I don't bother with the message because you have to pay; I think it's called "rememberme". It will be nice but it will feel like we're strangers because we haven't seen them in a long time.