Do You Think The Amount Of Snow Ruins Sex Lives?

I've lived in Michigan for years now and met several on EP from this great state! ha! For some reason, all of my interactions have had one thing primarily in common: they were also members of the "Live in Sexless Marriages" group as well.

Hmmm. Interesting. Loving statistics as I do, it makes me wonder, is anyone in the State of Michigan having sex? I know there are a few factors that could dampen optimism leading toward less than positive home life environments which could ruin love in the bedroom. But does the fact that Michigan is one of the leading states in unemployment impact libido? Or does the fact that the automobile industry in in turmoil cause Mr and Mrs. Smith to be less in love because Mr. Smith's union job with Ford just got cuts to his health care plan?

I'm trying to see a parallel to the coldest state I've ever lived in -- and the lack of intimacy. One would think just the opposite: Antartica type weather would lead to cuddling which would lead to kissing which would lead to rolling around in blankets by the fireplace, and then clothes would be removed and aha...intimacy! But, no, it has been my revelation to discover that just the opposite seems to happen.

Cold weather literally means "cold" in the bedroom, as well. Downright frigid in some case, despite the house temperature on your thermostat.

So, I have to wonder, since I've met so many Michiganders (I know, I know, sounds funny, but it's their true name....and yes, it is pronounced really close to "salamanders!") going without sex, or barely at all, what would psychiatrists say about this phenomenon? Would the 9 or 10 months of winter (it seems! lol) make people unwilling to take their clothes off, necessary component of sexual intimacy? Or have marketing companies missed their mark in targeting this very economically depressed state without sex. Crotch-less panties exist. Practically nothing G-string underwear for men exist. So, is it that Michigan residents don't know this, are too cold to investigate the possibilities of alternate methods to intimacy without disrobing completely, or again, have marketing companies just taken Michigan off the advertising market completely because they are sure the whole state has been killed off by now from the auto fumes of Detroit?

I don't have the answers, obviously. It's just a very unnatural human characteristic for me to have discovered. So, the question is simple. If you're living in Michigan (not a native that moved away, you don't count! lol) and having sex, comment away! Let's get "oral" about your "*******!" hee hee hee The rest of us genuinely want to know!

I know Michigan is spending millions on ad campaigns to lure people to the splendor of our beautiful state filled with water galore, outdoor ski slopes everywhere, snowmobile trails on every corner, but if couples coming here don't feel inspired to feel romantic, they may not stay long. If word gets out that our "one of the highest home foreclosure rates" isn't discouraging enough to make people not want to move here, telling them they won't have any sex once they get here won't "turn them on" either! The nation-wide campaign about "come explore the great outdoors of beautiful Michigan" better come with some pictures of a coulple "in heat" warming up in some resort jacuzzi, about to tear each other's suits off or the state is in further economic demise.

So, all you Michigan residents, and you know who you are, who are either employed on unemployed, and are having sex liking rabbits and walking around like you've been riding horses all day, let us hear your secrets! It's okay to make the rest of us jealous, cry, take an extra Prozac, or use the vibrator one more time! I, for one, need to ensure that there are indeed people in this state having sex. I haven't met a happy couple with a great sex life yet. And, I've met plenty of married ones with horrible sex lives or no life at all.

Pretend it's census time, only the subject matter is just regarding Michiganders who have sex. I look forward to a healthy mean discourse ( ha!) on this vital topic.

Only in MIchigan!


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Dear Miss & Westy, <br />
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Nope! I still believe there's something about the cold, snow, no sun, etc. in Michigan that make impact the sex lives of many a couple. Luckily, I won't ever know now. I've moved to another's sunny, in the south, and much more friendlier! <br />
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I'll be anxious to meet married friends here and see if anyone talks of this subject. Michigan was the most unique -- but lonely -- experience that I've ever had. <br />
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Thanks for your comments.............I have an who live in cold, snowy areas and enjoy wonderful sex lives, stay where you're at! Those whose bedrooms are as frigid as the freezer, pack your bags and head south...........the people here are at least friendlier and smile more. The sun makes you feel better about yourself. Now as for the sex thing, I'm not sure. As I'm getting gas at the gas station, people smile but so far, I haven't been propositioned or seen anyone having sex while they wait for the fill-up! I'll keep you posted. lol

So that is why you like the snowball fights! Interesting. Could be another marketing tool for Michigan - snowballs means more pulls.

I'm not sure. It is truly amazing how many times I've been told that I should do stand-up comedy. I've never understood why. I see people laugh, I've served as emcee at seemingly hundreds of events, and yet I just say what I say. <br />
<br />
But, ty, nonetheless. <br />
<br />
There's a huge problem with me serving as a stand-up comedy professional. The location. Most likely, I'd be starting this career in a bar/club type setting, full of smoke. I don't smoke and I'm allergic to smoke. Migraines and smoke do not mix well. Vomiting on the crowd -- because I couldn't take my serious meds without passing out on them -- would not be considered funny, I can assure you. Taking my serious meds, slurring my words, might make them just think I'm drunk at first, but then in about 15 minutes, I would pass out. Again, would you pay for a comedian who passed out after 15 minutes? I don't think so! Not worth your money. <br />
<br />
But it is odd............I've been "labelled" all my life as either a stand-up comedy person or a teacher. I guess I'm glad no one's ever labelled me as a ********! There could be worse things. <br />
<br />
I do enjoy watching people smile. I also like the look in their eyes when they are smiling back at me. They are happy. I love making people happy. The world has enough pain.

Trapped, <br />
You are very funny! You have a gift for comedy I think!<br />
<br />

Finally, a comment! Dear jj, a dear friend (a rather happily, loved one) jokingly wrote back to me and said there were no comments because all of the residents in Michigan were too busy having sex! (Yes, he's just too funny, huh? He lives in beautiful Australia..............hope it snows there!) lol<br />
<br />
But, as days passed, I was beginning to believe him. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......a fellow comrade. I am truly sorry. It was snowing here earlier, but finally, the snow has stopped. I would think I was in sunny California, except the snow is half-way up the French door I'm looking out! ha! <br />
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We don't live in Michigan, it's Antartica! I'm re-naming the state. And the state bird: a new hybrid breed scientists have just discovered: the sex-less gland snowbird! State flower? (also a new hybrid recently discovered) Celibate carnation. I'll notify dear Jennifer, while she's not busy ruining the state, and tell her of my recent decisions to the great state of Michigan! <br />
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Thanks for being the "first" to comment. I would let you share my "prized" heated, dual-control mattress pad, for when I get cold, a gift from my mother. Little did she know that I had no one to cuddle with in Antartica when she sent it to me years ago. Thank God for her. <br />
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I live in Michigan and it's pretty "cold" in my bedroom. Not for my lack of desire! I think you may be on to something! Maybe the cold and (unending) snow causes sexless marriages... Let's move to Florida or Arizona... <br />
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Here's an interesting one: My interactions with the Canadians on EP tell me that maybe the snow is effecting them too!