No Split Personality.......

Just many facets.  

It occurred to me, not that  I haven't noticed before..........that I have many mood settings within, that project outward. 

I hope to not go into much detail ......and I don't know why I am even writing this here or maybe I  do. Maybe I am looking  for some confirmation or comfort in my unsuredness.........( is  that even a word ? ) 

As  I was saying to anyone who'd even care to read............

Is it possible to love someone regardless of their many facets completely. Without seeing each individually and as a whole ? 

I ask this about me.  Can I really be loved and recognized as just me, not what ever me I am at  the time. That day, always. 

I am complicated and confusing to even myself.   When I go from one or the other of me I do a mental double take.........I recognize  the change.   

Meh........maybe it's not even healthy to think on this line of thought.  

But am I the only one who self reflects about  this ?   

Please tell me by  sharing your own post of thoughts of self  that I am not alone.  
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Oh Marji how you have grown, it was said beautifully, "you are you." Plain and simple, like it or leave it. I live in New England, as you know very well, I liken you to the weather here, if you persevere it will change and then the true beauty within is revealed. I love the New England weather and I love you more. It is all part of what makes up my beautiful MARJI!! <3 u

Amy ! I love the comparison of me to your rapid changes in weather up there ! It does fit !

I love you the same kiddo and am thinking of you this holiday as I hope you are still following through ! Have a great time !

I believe love overcomes anything; it gets through the hard and difficult times. When someone loves us; They will still do even if weren't having a good day, and we snap at them during an argument.

I agree Lena, but I'm thinking on a wider scale.

I could not even put this in better words. People see me as an individual, but not as whole and I understand them, because sometimes they get this idea, that I'm fake when in reality I'm not. Many facets, so true... you're not alone.

Very good Writteninblood ! I hope this did serve to help you feel a bit more normal about yourself. I get what you mean too. It's hard enough to deal with your own yo yo affect of these moods, but then to even begin to wonder about how others may see........* sighs* Life is complicated as are we.

yeah, we are, but it's really good to know, that there are other people who feel the same way. :)

I think we all have many facets. Sometimes the really catch the light and shine. Sometimes they don't always shine so bright. Sometimes those facets have rough edges but in time they smooth out. We mellow. You are a diamond and your heart shines brightly.

Yes, this is true. I suppose my thoughts were more geared toward Jim, but he's not the only one who loves me. ; ) Thanks Charlie ! I can say the same about you.

Affinity you have really made my day ......... " I never minded your alternating moods on here. To me, it just made you more real. " That was confirmation I needed. Thank you dear heart.

No, you are not alone Marji. Sometimes I pause before posting something, because I think "Will they not like me anymore". It's so silly really. I am always changing and evolving. We all are. Some of us more drastically, but we still do. I never minded your alternating moods on here. To me, it just made you more real.

You are not alone at all too often we try to reduce ourselves, but each person USA complicated collection of so many variables-some of which appear to be inhospitable with each other. The key - and I am still working on this myself - is to learn to accept all facets of yourself. Only when you love yourself can you truly accept the love of another. Otherwise, you will always question...

I agree with all you've said except one part......... " Only when you love yourself can you truly accept the love of another. "

To be shown that another has loved me regardless and in spite of myself has given me ability to love others. No easy hurdle ! lol !

I think that love from others helps us to accept ourselves, helps us to grow. When I think about it, you are right. Sometimes it takes that person to show us what they see for us to see it too.

You are right. I hate to think of how confused I'd be if not for the ability to be me with him. He knows me better than I know myself at times and some how, I'm okay with that. ; )

I can think of a few people who's live of me-unconditional-helped me to accept and believe in who I am inside.

And you love them back if for nothing but that ??? Yeah ? Like you say..... still a work in progress . You've either started your realizations early, or I've started late. I'm about twenty years older than you and am just starting to really pay attention to the innermost thoughts and reflections........

I bet we are closer to 10 than 20. Regardless, I have spent most of my life with the curse of being completely self-aware. The conversations I have with myself, they are not forthr faint of heart.

I'll be 52 tomorrow. : / My problem is I can't remember when I really started realizing myself, as a whole. I think E.P., friends in the past five years I've grown a lot because of their loyalty and compassion for me. I have been here five years, maybe a bit longer and have shared so much of my past ( deleted ) now it's time for future

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You are not alone in this and I do think it's possible for someone to love you regardless of your many facets, no matter how conflicting those facets may at times be.

I asked my s / o ......we've been together almost three decades. He says I'm like a diamond. ; )

Lovely way of looking at it, I like that!

* smiles* " change with the wind" I like that description, my gawd how it fits!

You are not alone. My moods run deep.... I am a deep soul. I can change with the wind on somedays. I watch myself also and wonder why ... all of a sudden I am feeling this or that. I am very complicated too. I am Me!