Hmmm Here We Go...

Well i dont know how to ask realy..ive never been too out going to ask "hey do you like me?" or "hey do you even understand me?" type thing..

Thats why i sometimes ask myself.."geez i wonder if theres anyone like me out there.." and im talking deep stuff..

not some kiddy chat about "Owww..they dont understand me cos im a teenager.." or "waaaahhh no body cares about me, and dont get me!"

Im talking realy deep stuff..
Its mainly funny cos i dont like draggin on sad stuff..
Like "wonder what will happen if i cut my veins..cos no body understand my stuff"


serious now.. if youre thinking that..dude..get some advice okay? O_O

Life is just too wonderful to let go so fast like that!

In my point of view.. i think the only few people who understand me are:

1) My best friend (who is a guy)
2) My good friends
3) The lady who does my nails
4) My cat lol

Im not even gonna mention my parents..cos they dont know that well..
especialy my step dad!
Who has no rights to even try to get to know me lol..

I trust my inner gut feelings alot..
when something feels right..ill never let it go..
even if its later a mistake..but i soon learn not to do it that time i bought those pants for work..
and they where a disaster! XS

I bent over to get something that had fallen on the floor.. but the pants just ripped!! XD

I wonder if anyone understands me when i say "Chose your designers properly!!!" lol

Okay so.. wanna know the cold facts?

I dont realy care what ya'll think of me on first second or last impretion

I sometimes wonder i too "sugar crazed?" and will that push people away from my over hyperactive nature??
To me..image isnt realy everything..although i like looking nfly and cute at all possible times

When i was about 12-14 i was a tomboy lol seriously!!
In a small way..i still am..i get along well with guys cos i love video games, and go to the arcades and stuff..
but again, i also have my fem side aww..
I now love shopping, looking as good as i can..looking after myself and yeah..watching and listening to romantic boy band songs, and watching chick flicks with my girl friends, make up and yeah...boys..duhhh

I just hope people dont judge me on first impretions..cos i can be the best friend youve ever had!
Natz Natz
22-25, F
Jun 8, 2007