I Know They Agree, But Not If They Understand

there are things that i'll tell people and i dont know at times weather they just agree or if they actually do understand. i dont think they do some of the time, cos there are always more questions into it, and if they understood then they woudnt need to ask so much.
sezy sezy
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Sometimes I wish I had someone that totally gets me! That would listen and gripe right along with me when I'm mad or upset. It seems that the more you want to talk, the less people there are to talk to. It sucks, really. I have one friend that I can talk to but we both work and have kids so it's hard for us to get together. <br />
Also, when someone is asking questions, that means they are listening and that is a very good thing!

true....but I do think that by them asking questions is a good thing as they want to know..sounds to me like those people who are asking the questions really care about you and what your going through. I'd love someone like that.