On A School Outing

When I was about 14 we went on a school outing to Windsor. It was quite a warm day so while I was there I had a few cans of fizzy drinks, something my parents didn't like me drinking too much of because I'd had problems with it in the past. Thinking I was past all that I didn't count them. On the way back on the bus I needed to go almost as soon as we set off, and eventually I just couldn't hold it and wet my trousers. I put my school blazer on my lap so no-one would notice and made sure I was the last off the bus. A couple of my school mates did notice and I just ran home. I would ordinarily have taken a bus home from the place where we were dropped off but I had to walk, or rather run.

I was hoping I'd have dried off a bit by the time I got home but my mother spotted it as I was trying to creep up the stairs. My mum made me have a bath and change into my pyjamas. My dad got in quite late that evening, about eight, and asked why I was in my pyjamas and my mother said it was because I'd wet myself. I was sent to bed and when I complained it was too early he said that boys who wet their pants were obviously not old enough to stay up very late.

Not one of my best days:/

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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Fourteen is a very sensitive age for that kind of embarrassment, so of course it makes a lasting impression. My wetting at that age occurred in private.

Don't worry, I'd eaten with my mum before he got in so I didn't go to bed hungry. I should have said that they were suspicious when I told them I hadn't been having many fizzy drinks and assumed I was lying. They were right.

Sorry, to hear that, parent do not seem to understand? So, it was an accident, I hope that aleast gave you dinner? Of course, mine would have whipped me for it?