If I Left E.p.

I know, that if I were to delete my profile, then all evidence of me ever existing would dissapear.
All of my heart felt stories gone. Nearly two years of some of my most intimate snd scary moments, wasted.
All of the imaginative groups I have created would no longer bear my name.
All the comments that I have made on all of your stories and pictures would be removed.
I know this for a fact, as does everyone who has ever known someone to delete their profile.
For any of you out there that might remember Nuevo.
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She was all over here back then, she even had her own fan club group,
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You try to find any evidence of her now.
She doesn't exist at all.
And that could happen to me, all gone, and some of my stuff has no comments!
None of you could be bothered comment on or even bother to read at all
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4 full pages of stories without comment at all.
I thought the whole point was share experiences and comments, not make a whole bunch of shallow so called friends that actually couldn't care less.
I wouldn't mind betting that this story doesn't get any comments either.
It was fun though, and it helped just to get it down in words. So I'll keep doing it, coz it makes me feel better.
One day someone I know might get hold of my profile and I will have no choice but to pull the plug, and that'll be me done.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

You have the option when you delete to leave your stories here, even though your profile is gone your comments, experiences ect would remain if you hit this button before you deleted. I wonder the same thing myself I have come to the conclusion that if I left no one would notice or care and I would delete everything I placed here why leave it?

hi, i kinda agree with you. i look everyday to see if anyone commented. sometimes you see 30-40 people viewed. but, i guess they just dont have anything to say. i am used to it. i didnt know that if you deleted your profile all ur stuff would be gone. wow. also, what do you do when u read something from 2007 or 2009 and you want to comment then you realize so long ago. but then i figures that someone new like me might see it and it will make the story come alive again. what do you think?