Is There Hereditary Traits Of Crossdressers

     I have an interesting Question for all of Ep readers of crossdressing, transgenderism, or transsexualism.     I s the urges to wear clothing of the opposite gender really a hereditary or genetic trait?
     I ask this question because of relatives of my family. Besides myself, I have 2 cousins, 2 nephews,.   1 niece, several uncles and a couple of aunts
who at various times in their lives have or do crossdress. I also have a younger brother who wears womens jeans, but not dresses or skirts, that is in my wardrobe.
     Take a look at your family, how many of your relatives (if known) have worn clothing of the opposite gender, some times regularly.  It doesn't have to be just dresses or skirts, in could include womens/girls shorts, tops, pants, underwear, lingerie, gowns etc,etc,.  Do you have a male relative who wears a lot of pastels, but isn't gay.  Do you have a female relative who wears mens' jeans and flannel shirts.
      I don't know of any studies on this subject, either in depth or otherwise.  If it is hereditary or genetic, where on the scale of human existance doe this need to be placed?
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Not sure if anyone will still read this, but I hope this answers this for you all

Yes, I think it is genetic. My father is also a crossdresser (Goes out dressed and does shows sometime).

Now, my father does not know I'm a crossdresser. I'm 25. I've been doing it since I was able to in secret. I never knew my father did until I was around 15.

This lead me to believe it's definitely hereditary, passed from my father. People may think it's because I may have seen him dressed as a child, but no, I definitely didn't. My father was a man, done very masculine jobs and always kept a manly attitude. It was a shock for me to find out when I did, but made a lot of sense.

I've been a cross dresser for my entire life (now 70 years old) and to my knowledge<br />
no one in my family is like me. BUT, I have so many cousins that I really have never really known, so I have no way of knowing whats in their minds.<br />
<br />
My older female cousins used to baby sit me and I found out many years later, that they would dress me as a girl and play the afternoon away with me dressed as a girl.<br />
I often wonder if that had any effect on me.

I've read on ep and elsewhere people's stories about how they got started crossdressing, and one thing they share with stories about starting in other fetishes - loving to wear diapers and loving to wear plastic panties and other plastic garments are ones that I've read a lot - and I think there is a lot of similarity among those stories in these three fetishes. Also there doesn't seem to be any correlation between starting a fetish and people's environments - some have had happy childhoods with well-adjusted parents, others have not. Some have had acceptance of their fetish by family members; others haven't. In most - but not all - cases people have started these fetishes very early in their lives. Given this wide variation it seems to me that there could be a genetic predisposition even though I don't know of any of my family members who are into any fetish. But that may be simply because we're generally pretty reticent about personal matters.

I have given this alot of thought too.thankfully todays culture is some what indifferent to this today.<br />
My theory is a combination of early brain development and influence exposers we have when in our pre school yrs.<br />
Just one little detail about my mother is she was/is a manic depressive. So some of my earliest yrs I was occaisanally neglected.<br />
We lived in a early 60s suburbian neighborhood and on my street the children were mostly female.<br />
So I would play with them as the male role but noticed and envied the affection and attention they received from their mothers.<br />
Also at this age my mothers mom, my grandmother would pick us up and go shopping spending lots of time in womens dept.and my grandmother treating my mother similar to girls I had played with.<br />
On top of all that I would spend many hours in beauty salons.<br />
Then sometime around 4-5 yrs old I started having dreams of getting my hair done.<br />
When I had awakened I had a mix of exciting emotions and started fantasizing about girly things.And always well before that I hated getting my haircut.Even today..;-/<br />
<br />
I do not really know but I feel our mothers have a large roll in our lives at that age possibly influence a delicate developmental stage in our brains.<br />
<br />

I have been a crossdresser all my life, am now 55, and last year i found out that one of my brothers is also a crossdresser, he's 57 and we have three brothers older than he is.<br />
I don't think anyone else in our family does or have done this.

Seems to me it have a chance to this is can be hereditary, I saw a few things on my father, so maybe it can be happen. Okay, at now its not jt discussed with my father, but I will definitely want to do. Later I will post the result of that discussion...

I am searching for the same answer. I have crossdressed as long as I can remember. When I was about 14, my mom found some of my things, and my parents confronted me about it. Turns out my dad crossdresses, and I had NO idea. I know he still does, so do I, and now with no encouragement from me, my son seems to be showing signs of wanting to 'be a girl' although he is still quite young. Have seen no studies about this though.

As funguy658687 thought, the extra estrogen can be seriously affect the gender and and its development in fetus stadium, of course after the birth also.

Interesting, very interesting.<br />
<br />
I only know of me as a cross-dresser and straight and one of my children being bi-sexual.

My mother and my grandmother (mom's mom) were feminine proper ladies in public. At home I often got the impression that they preffered being masculine. I never figured that out. It almost seemed like innocent gender bending.

To cdsubalice,<br />
Naturally being adopted limits the knowledge of whether crossdressing was in your family. I also agree those of English descent are more prone to crossdressing (my family came from Essex, England (mothers side) and another town near London (fathers side). I also know that petticoat discipline is and was practiced in England. It still is today. <br />
I asked this question because of the number of males in my family that seem to be just as comfortable in a dress as opposed to traditional American male clothing. I did some research and found up until 1947, here in America, that you could buy dresses and/or skirts for your sons<br />
up to the age of 15. (picasweb albums-Robert Moores photos). So is this a carry over from our earlier days in England, Ireland, Scotland or the european countries, I don't know.<br />
As far as nature versus nurture I have no idea as to the influences that paid a part.<br />
I also agree with you that forced suppression of natural feelings towards gender should NEVER<br />
be done. It creates to much stress upon the individual who's needs are not being met up front.

To Madamejoanna,<br />
<br />
Is it weird though that so many in a family crossdress. That are photos depicting these occurences<br />
in families.

to funguy658687,<br />
I don't know about extra female hormones and their effect. While my mother did not receive hormones, she did carry me in her womb longer then the nine months normally associated with pregnancy. I was suppose to be born around Feb 18th, however I was delivered until March 13th.<br />
As you are probably aware all infants are female in the initial stages (1st tri-mester). So you, I and every male born on this planet were once a girl prior to birth. By my delayed birth cause my transgenderism, I don't know. I think it may have played a part, but unknown to its extent.

It is an interesting concept. I know my own father was a bit of a cross dresser, but unfortunately we had no contact with any of his relatives.

Two other members of my husbands family are crossdressers. Both cousins. His family also have simillar inherited conditions involving heart diese,diabetes and epilepsy. There are other ancestors whose old pics show them wearing dresses

I was growing up I saw both male and female tairts and something about wearing dress and skirts put on make up curling your hair look like fun to do thats why I'm a cross dress

i have a nephew that is gay but i don't no if he crossdress i love wearing lingerie it feel good

I think its not hereditary... The growth of the human embryo is a complicated process. All embryo started as female (in the animals also starting with female), after few week a lot of hormones and enzymes affected to develop a proper gender, and even if its XY chromosome, still can develop a perfect womans body, if the hormones, enzymes level ratio are different. I learned a lot of about the reproduction biology.<br />
<br />
And also have a few research about the TS-s brain's... for example a few:<br />
Male-to-Female Transsexuals Have Female Neuron Numbers in a Limbic Nucleus:<br /><br />
<br />
A Sex Difference in the Human Brain and its Relation to Transsexuality:<br />

I am not certain of it either, but it does seem strange with so many family members doesn't it

I think this is very interesting question! I am of WASP heritage (you know how famous we are for sharing a lot of personal information-giggle!) and to my knowlege I am the only one with the "girly" gene. I hope people share what they know with the group- thank you for your story!