To a Certain Degree Yes..

First of all I don't like it when people use this argument: "It's OK to eat them, they wouldn't breed all the eggs anyway." Well, the chicken that are used for egg-production is a special breed. Normal hens lay 6-12 eggs a year, and not 300. Due to this huge overproduction, they can suffer from too little calcium, because they need that for the eggs, but don't get enough, so they take it from their own bones.

Apart from that, I find it immoral that so many chicks are killed, and not for food. They're just thrown away. Male chicks, that can't be used for egg-production, but are the special kind of breed, so that they can't be used for meat, are simply killed, mashed or gassed.

Morality is different for everyone, so there won't be an answer for this group, for me the answer is yes.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

No...It is part of nature to eat. We are not removed from nature any more then ants in a ant hill. We may think we are above "nature" but we are not. Eat and survive.<br />
Because you are human try to have a nice day...DD

Immoral in what sense? Is it innately bad to kill things, no. Hunting and killing other living creatures is an act ordained by evolution itself.