Wonderful People

there are so many great types of people in the world but i wonder if they will be as happy as the deserve in the long run. real happiness is hard to come by and when u want it so much you can be reckless. i think that a reason some people arnt happy is because there chance was passed up or one of them messed up. it could be them or the person they were with. but i wonder what those peoples lives will be like. how they will find the right person, if it works out, or what moment of weakness ruined it. its so easy to lose someone u care about. it could be lost over time or in a single moment where everything topples after. its sad, but true.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

maybe. but i think u can find happiness in small things even through a dificult life. my aunt had five kids and lived in a shack but was very happy. then they moved in to a rather large house and things began falling apart. the whole world dosent have to matter.