Femdom, Dom Woman, Dominate Women, Girl Power

Well I have always known I wanted a woman to have complete control over me. Just never knew how. Guess I was to young at the time. My first experience I was watching kids, and when they went to sleep. A family friend of my parents who growing up I called a aunt. Caught me wearing her panties and nighties. I was around 10. And I was so embarrassed.  After that I became more secretive in my fetish. As time went on I found that pain was not what it should feel like. I found it pleasurable. These are all things from when I was younger.

Now older I understand what my fetish is and have been seeking a woman who is dominate and controlling for around 6 years with no luck yet.  I am still trying to find one that is ok with having a female lead relationship. Seems hard to find. Someone who will decide what I think, feel, eat, wear. I want to have to ask permission to use the restroom, eat, anything. Can you make me your sissy *****. Train me to please you the way you want me to please you. I will not disappoint you at all.
mike3030 mike3030
26-30, M
Apr 16, 2012