He Makes Me Confuse,what Do You Think?

I've been friend with this guy for almost 3years, and for that long I've been having a crush on him, and also for that long both of us never had a bf/gf.he acts like he likes me and care and wants to meet or just talk to me, and he always do something or say something about me everytime we meet,and sometimes he pretends to be my bf in front of our friends,but beside all that things, he's so close with the girls at school,and it's annoying.I don't know,maybe it's just me who feels like he likes me.But you know,he gives the sign a lot.He knew that I like him,so if he doesn't have any feeling towards me,why he keeps pretend that he likes me,or maybe he's just playing me,what do you think?
girl2503 girl2503
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 23, 2011

guess.. we should nvr read Signs .. it may lead us 2 a wrong way andddd<br />
being practical ..................one should step ahead to knw abt it so tht no confusion is left.. <br />
at least u would know abt it .. hvng a clearcut tout abt it<br />
dont hve to think over and over again..