Does He Like Me?

i don't know if u know but 21/3 is kurdish new year so before that day on 20/3 all of kurdish people go out to a street we always go to there everybody wears kurdish clothes so me my sister my cousin and my cousin friends 3 girls and 4 guys one of the guys was really funny and open with us i know him we went to a theater with him once again me my sister my cousin and her friends i felt that guy(rozh) starred at me sometimes but i wasn't sure he was staring at me or my cousin but today when he talked to us he was looking at me like he was talking to me ,he said im afraid of u and ur sister he said specially u bcuz u kinda angry i don't know why he said that ,then i said im thirsty i asked my brother to buy me a bottle of water he went to buy it but rozh  disappeared we didn't know where he went my brother came back he said they didn't had it rozh also came back he stare at me there was something in his eyes when he stared at me like was into me or something i said where were you he said there's no water i mean he went to buy me water without asking him they finally found a place he said maybe this place have it he went fastly like he wanted to buy it first then they came back they bought 2 bottles my brother bought it but the bottles were with him he gave me the water ,and while we were walking i was behind them he always looked bach to see if i was there and when he talked to some friend he saw he kept looking at me while he was talking to them,so do you think he likes me?i kinda like him he's really really cute
lesbigirl95 lesbigirl95
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1 Response Mar 20, 2012

yes of course