ok so once i saw him i was like he is cute! i only say that when my heart means it. 4 once i wasnt even aware of how i felt until i saw his smile. he is 2 cute n at times i just want to bite em. *laughs* my dudes already figured out that i liked him because they said i made it obvious even tho i myself didnt even know i liked him yet. i feel like they puttin pressure on him causing him to run from me but i catch him. he watches me to c if i c him playin sports. there was even a time in which we wrote each otha 4 2 days straight but then he just stopped. its like he was avoiding me. i thought the guys outside was sayin unnecesary things or he thought i was with my childhood friend. i rly rly like him. i approach him but he tends 2 stand there or run. i feel like hes shy or he thinks im cornering him. he would sit with me n stare as if wanting a convo but i dont know wat 2 say either cuz im shy n im used 2 to the guy approaching me. he shows he likes me but then he shows he wants me to stay away. he confuses me but i like em mysterious cuz he is one *smile* just thinking bout em makes my heart burn. even tho im scared to love again. i would def. try him.
SoftHeartedLove SoftHeartedLove
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2012