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I've been friends with this guy for several months.  Initially we started out dating, but he'd just split up with his girlfriend (whom he lived with), and it seemed like there was still a lot of baggage there.  We continued texting and chatting, but didn't really spend much more time together.

A few months later he and her were finally done and he and I started spending a lot more time together, because many of my friends were not of the calibre I wanted to have surrounding me.  I enjoyed his company, and he said he also enjoyed mine.

Long story short, we ended up sleeping together several times, but still maintained a good friendship.  If I needed to talk or vent, he'd come pick me up and let me, and if I needed a favor he usually came through if only I asked.  We didn't always have sex, most of the time we just talked about life or music.

There was a little bit of confusion because right after we started sleeping together, he came and picked me up to come help him work on his car.  He really acted like I was his girlfriend that day -- gave me his jacket when it got cool out, didn't talk about sex at all, just chatted with me about my day and our lives, and then gave me a sweet kiss goodnight when he dropped me off insisting I wear his jacket in.  Then he left the jacket at my house for several weeks, forgetting it whenever he came over.  I lost my cousin to suicide a week or two after this happened, and he was always available to chat or text while I was dealing with the funeral and the sadness of it all.  When I got home, he picked me up from the bus station and drove me around for several hours letting me talk it all out and sort through my feelings.

He never judges, and he's so easy to be around, I just really enjoy him, and against my better judgment, I am totally falling for him.

Then 3 weeks ago he tells me he's moving 6 hours away for work.  I was so hurt.  But I didn't want him to know so I just told him to pick up his jacket from my office (while I wasn't there) wished him well and I stopped texting him.  3 days after he left, he started texting me and sending me messages on Facebook.  Nothing serious, just lighthearted comments about my Facebook status or how much his new town sucked.  I responded and I felt better about the situation -- figured it was bad news falling for a friend anyway.

Then he comes back to town for a visit this weekend.  Of course he texts me and lets me know he's coming and wonders if I might be available for a get together.  I couldn't help it.. I said yes.  He shows up, immediately starts kissing me, and we have sex.  It's incredible. 

He's supposed to leave that night, but he doesn't.  The next day I asked if he wanted to go for coffee, and he said that sounded great, but since he had a bunch of stuff on the go here, and I had to work nights we didn't get to go.  Instead he brought me coffee at work, gave me a quick kiss, and then headed out the door.  I texted him to tell him he forgot the sugar, so he calls me as he's driving away and we talk for over an hour.  And then he says "I'm moving back, I didn't realize how much I missed everything here."

Then I asked how his friends felt about that and he admits I am the only person who knows yet. 

I know he likes me as a friend.  He tells me I'm intelligent, funny, "an awesome woman", and always makes comments about how cute I am, but I don't really know if that's just him being sweet or if he really feels something for me.  He's divorced, so I know he knows how to deal with women in relationships, and he's confident so he's not the kind of guy who would be shy initiating something (I shouldn't think), but all these things keep indicating to me that there's a chance this guy is reciprocating my feelings.  But then I'm a woman, and we read too much into everything.

In your opinion.. what do you think?  Am I grasping at straws here?

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1 Response Oct 14, 2009

Its very similar to the situation im in at the moment.. he seems like a nice enough guy. But does he know about your feelings towards him? Maybe if you tell him softly, or hint around it you might get a better idea of how he feels or what his reaction will be. <br />
He obviously trusts you and thats something which you should take into consideration. But i think if you open up to him about mostly anything else, hes the one you should turn to now.<br />
Love Dione x