I Dont Think Ill Ever Forget ♥

♥ When i was in 3d grade i had a friend named Myles he was like my bbf and i new him from 3d 4 and a little into 5th but he  had lied to me for at least a year but I'm not going to say what he lied about because it makes me feel like an idiot, but it messed with my head so bad iv dealt with depression ever since and i wanted and waited for him to tell me why he lied i waited so long and in 5th grad that F**** ended up moving away and he left me with this mess and now i cant say I'm totally over it but going on trusting people is so hard and sometimes id rather hear lies because now i wonder if he didn't tell me the truth because it would of hurt me and he was that good of a friend but its to late now and nothing will ever change what happened i try so hard to trust my bf and it hurts him knowing i don't trust him all that well and so many thing have happened sens then and most didn't help but this is the first time iv ever tell any one in Any way so I'm trying ♥ Well that was the story from my last ep profile id like to say 3 years later i broke up with the one i had a hard time trusting ( James), i still talk to him and i trust him more then ever now.. but its Been about 5 years all together and i really haven't found anything i wanted to change about this story it still hurts when i think about it witch is silly, iv buried what he lied about so deep i don't know what it was anymore.. and it still effects me.. that's just how pathetic i am..i wonder if ill ever meet miles again.. ♥ 

xemoxkittyx3 xemoxkittyx3
Feb 24, 2010