I Just Don't Understand....

Another chance meeting with him unbelievable! He sat and stared at me for almost ten minutes(pathetic I know, but I counted), and I could feel the tension so strong. We were in a public setting with others around. After the staring incident once again he made small talk about nothing at all. He asked about my parents and family again. I tried so hard not to bring up the past, but I couldn't. I told him I missed the old times, and he didn't reply. He acted so nervous. I am tired of this huge feeling of stress every time I see him. He acts like he doesn't want to discuss it, and this drives me crazy. Anyone any advice please. Should I just be upfront with him and ask him if he still feels anything for me? So tired of still hurting for him after all these years. It's not like I would leave the life I have for him, but I would like to have some closure. Is this asking too much?
gynger gynger
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2010

it's difficult to move forward when there is no closure... hugs sweetie. xo