I Just Don't Understand....

Another chance meeting with him unbelievable! He sat and stared at me for almost ten minutes(pathetic I know, but I counted), and I could feel the tension so strong. We were in a public setting with others around. After the staring incident once again he made small talk about nothing at all. He asked about my parents and family again. I tried so hard not to bring up the past, but I couldn't. I told him I missed the old times, and he didn't reply. He acted so nervous. I am tired of this huge feeling of stress every time I see him. He acts like he doesn't want to discuss it, and this drives me crazy. Anyone any advice please. Should I just be upfront with him and ask him if he still feels anything for me? So tired of still hurting for him after all these years. It's not like I would leave the life I have for him, but I would like to have some closure. Is this asking too much?
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1 Response Dec 5, 2010

it appears to me that you've moved on and you have a commitment to someone else. To ask if he has feelings for you would betray that commitment, even if it's a baby step. That's not closure. Closure might be to ask what went wrong and why it ended, but that wouldn't build anything healthy. <br />
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It's hard to continue to hurt. It's time to bury your old feelings and build new memories with someone who is worth your time. Try to be happy. Being happy can be a choice.