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Every Day I Wonder

Every day I wonder a future, and I wonder if I have fallen into endless unconsciousness...
How joyful I was with myself when I was with you,

Although in the past my heart was scattered and wasted, I wonder if it would be in a safe place with your care,
Every day I wonder if the two different world of ours would ever be within our reach,
in that sense I would be beside you charmer,
Every day I wonder if you my darling would ever sew up your eyes so that you might not see other than me, so that I no need to be so jealous.
I wonder if you would tear apart the seven skies that separate us,
Would you ever cross the seven seas for me,
Would you lover?
The glory of the unseen you is too great for me, thus I wonder everyday with the blessing of Heaven.

lovelywings lovelywings 31-35, F 6 Responses Feb 20, 2013

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Thanks so much

Your welcome.....thank you for sharing.

Lovely story and picture. Hope you are well out there

I am good...I hope you are too xoxo

How beautiful and I can sympathize with you! I ask myself the same questions " I wonder what ......"
Somehow God gives me a response in many thousand ways!

True...we wonder everyday...and we thank God for every little thing we have in life. xoxo


wow..... beautiful!
the picture is very fitting also!

Thank are you? Still busy?

today i am at home.. trying to get me some rest, i am tired...
and you how are you?
i love a man from afar just like you do...

I'd wait a million years for you and swim the seven seas. And never had a cheaters heart. But cheated on. :|

Million years? Im not immortal you know

You are in my heart