Matresses And Toothbrushes

I have always believed in the paranormal, but never really experienced it myself... Sure i watch TAPS and other paranomal shows like that, but no one ever thinks it can happen to them, right?

I just moved into a new house with my family. My grandmother lived here before we did, and she is seriously into the whole contacting the spirits thing and she knows when they are there. She also is a Wiccan, if that helps.

SO ANYWHO, we move in and everything is peachy for the first 2 weeks, but then 2 nights ago, i felt my body being rocked. Not in a forceful manner, gently. Then I felt my mattress move wierdly. Like one of those massage chairs in the mall. I left my room, obviously, and slept on the couch. And it happened again last night.

but around 4:30ish today, in the bathroom upstairs, an electric toothbrush turned on. We had that toothbrush for almost 5 years, and its seriously hard to turn on, and we all thought that is had no batterys. Everyone was in the living room. My mother and I watching tv and my brothers on the computer.

Also, my cats have been staring randomly around the kitchen and upstairs hallway area.

Do you think my house is haunted?

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Ouija boards really have a bad--very bad reputation. I sure wouldn't fool with them if I were you...There are many positive and wholesome things that pertain to what people sometimes interpret as "magic"...I think that there are ways to communicate with other living beings- like plants, and insects--animals ---house plants for instance --they like music. and they definitely respond to affection---all living things do. If you speak gently to bees and wasps--they will not attack you. Personally, I have nothing to do with necromancers---those people who channel and communicate with the dead....The study of medicine plants and herbs is interesting --and growing them is fun. Perhaps, spirits do visit occasionally---If you are disturbed or frightened by what you perceive as something paranormal---you might ask your mom to have a priest come and bless your house.

To Reborn87:<br />
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I live in Canada... we doth not have earthquakes xD And I should have been more specific about things lol. The bed thing was at like... 2:00 in the morning.<br />
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And about the Wiccan thing... its hard to explain, but we don't fool around with the dead. My mother just leaves them alone and tells us to do the same.<br />
But when we first moved in, my friend stayed with me, and my family was at the old place and was going to stay there over night. ANYWHO, my friend and I don't believe in ouija stuff, so we played with one. But I did research before hand, and did everything it said to do. <br />
Could it be possible its from the ouija board?