Retirement Or The Epicenter Of Infamy?

I don't pretend to have answers as to the complex question of me staying on EP or going. So many times, it hardly seems worth the effort to actually stick around yet I have a seemingly sudden plethora of people who harken to my door, distressed over the mere possibility of me disappearing. But then if I am to remain on EP, how does one find the real in this virtual manor with rows of endless doors? How does one find the earnest person without being bent or tested even as you test others? No real answers I am afraid, I have considered mass deletion of my stories and even my confessions. Returning to the invisible man I used to be when I originally came to this foreign land. Then there are so many who would argue against that. So there are no real obvious or easy answers. The Flame says onto the next great conquest, find a new land with new challenges to embrace and new friends to be made. The Shadow wants to stay and build another fortress to welcome potential lovers and allies yet to keep the enemies along with the raiding barbarians at the gate.
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May 27, 2010