Horny, Horny Girl

I am so happy to be in a relationship with someone that has the same libido as me after 20 years of being married to someone who had a much lower sex drive. That being said, even my sex-loving boyfriend has said that I exhaust him and that sometimes he needs a break.

Granted, men have the distinct disadvantage of having to produce the erection for the intercourse to take place...and physical things like fatigue, illness or just plain stress can make that dificult...but I find that I am always ready.

I worry though that I am obsessed? I love to watch **** (another attribute that my boyfriend says is uncommon in women as far as his experience is concerned)...I love to talk about sex with him...fantasize about it while I'm away from him...do it...talk about how it was done and what the "highlighsts" were....





terrys1girl terrys1girl
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

a girl after my own heart

no you are normal. i think about sex too. its a normal thing!