And You Know What?

Yeah, I would....... Without a doubt or hesitation

TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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Beautiful :) I would do it too, if it were true love. <br />
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Oh, I need to add, since I'm in my younger years, I think I can get away with it if I spent a whole summer abroad with someone who I wouldn't per se feel to be my true love. But again, finding and realising 'true love' could be difficult. <br />
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Have a serious amount of fun, Reece!

You are totally right WIB, the world is getting smaller and smaller

I don't think so either Reece. We live in a small world now and travel is pretty easy. I would have found it hard when my parents were alive to leave them for example, and I wouldn't be happy to be separated from my daughter, but she may well decide to emigrate herself when she's older. It's really only an obstacle if you make it one.

The heart doesn't care about distance, and neither should the mind

So would I Reece - distance wouldn't stop me from being with someone I loved.

A few things.....

Well .......... what're you waiting for.................