So many people come and go from our lives. Some people make a huge impact while others are sadly forgotten. I think back on my life and remember the special people who I miss deeply.

I doubt those special people have any idea how much they are thought of and missed by someone. Makes me wonder if I ever made an impact on anyone's life. Sadly I don't believe I have.

With that being's time for me to walk away from here.
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sadly,you have no idea..

It was about 2 years ago.... You were THAT someone who made an effort to simply show you cared about what I had to say. I thank you for the enormous, positive impact you helped create ( and still do!)

You're such a beautiful soul. 💐

I'd say don't go. You've been here and put a heap into it. You've been here as long as me and got twice as many experiences. Doesn't mean you have to log in anymore. I could say "This is your chance !" lol

You will be sorely missed by those that know you. I know that many will hope you return. Your impact is one of the few positives of EP.

I'll remember you. I loved your posts. Maybe one day I'll see you here or on somewhere. Best wishes

You to you is your most important relationship that you will ever have. Then know you and love you. No one can build up your self worth You are the KEY to your happy state in life. Then do the best for you.

I'm SURE I'll miss you, chance, but I "thought" you were leaving to find happiness with someone you met here? ☺️

the last time I heard from you is how happy you were with yr trip..and now,a goodbye?

Go to a website called NAMUS. I promise once you see it you will realize how everyone makes an impact on the lives others. It's enlightening and sad but there are thousands of not millions of people working to help those who maybe lost who had a story to tell. Take care.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to end up an unclaimed body or an unidentified body somewhere. I'm sure someone will miss me. My brother committed suicide 2 years ago. He thought he wouldn't be missed. He made a huge impact on me. My sister and I plan on getting matching memorial tattoos to honor him. His brother and sister from his adopted family both have his name tattooed on him. His struggle and his life seemed like nothing to him but he has changed the life of many. He will always be remembered. His kindness will never be forgotten and he has saved lives with the story of his struggle. We don't realize our impact on others. I'm sure you are no exception. My secret hobby is helping to identify unidentified persons through a website online. People who were never claimed in death who meant something to someone out there. I have shed tears for strangers and obsessed over trying to give them a name and their families closure. These lost people have made an impact on my life. You are no exception. I relate to this and know the feeling but I assure you that we all make an impact in some way or another.

Sorry for your loss and your pain. I have been asking myself why for sometime now. I am hoping it gets better with time.