Oh Bother

Not long ago I felt myself not caring about doing anything the hard way. Usually the hard way was the best way. You know..cooking like a master, baking from scratch, scrubbing floors on my hands & knees...everything seems too much and shortcuts are my new best friends.  Priorities have changed and it seems to be fine. Cleanliness is top  dog to me..I do it all in little parts. One day this & the next  day, a thing or two more.I don't seem to mind if I can't do what I use to do.  Age.  I never thought I'd see the day but it is here.  It's Ok..feels better , I'll survive not being the endless work horse.     enlightened
wiseowl wiseowl
61-65, F
3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

You nailed it heavyduty1.Why we conclude these realizations at midlife is sort of a shame..too bad I didn't ease up years ago.Age, tiring faster, Just sick of dragging the ball & chain behind me 24/7? Most likely. I like the way you put it .Yes indeed..people may appreciate a less wound up person to spend time with. Actually, I do. Ta da! Thank you for commenting.

Hi Dear..I remember my Mom saying, " I just can't do things like I use to". I tried to push the furniture about to clean behind & I felt so lame. Good thing I'm determined..Ouch..got the bloody job done anyway. Score!

I dont now if its an age things, this story is cute and wise , and I do that too.. I break up my housework into little compartments of time because long hours of it, can get really old...:) so its a great idea no matter who or why, enjoyed your story:")