Late Night Swim

It was one night...I had just turned sixteen and I had decided to go for a late night swim in the pool at the hotel I was staying at. The water was empty save me and my younger brother who splashed around and laughed and joked and just floated, drifting around. And then I saw him.
He was tall
around 17
dark eyes that held mine in a penetrating gaze. Behind him walked a smaller and younger version of himself. I felt a small blush creep up onto my cheeks and I quickly ducked under water. He got in the pool with him brother. We both played with our respected younger siblings, we both met each others gaze constantly over the span of half an hour. We smiled, we laughed in sync. We moved around each other in the pool....always on opposite ends, never close, never touching, never speaking and yet I felt this huge need to touch him, to just feel his soft wet hair and make sure that he was some what real...that I wasn't just imagining what I was seeing...that it was really there. The night got darker, the air cooler, rain fell, we both laughed, we both faced the sky, we both opened our mouths. The raindrops danced on our tongues and there was a thrill that even though we were in different parts and experiencing it differently we were both feeling the same thing. My brother got tired, my eyes got sore, we got out, wrapped up in my towel I turned one last time to see him, his eyes watched me cautiously, flickering over ever so slightly from his younger brother. I wanted to talk to him and tell him my name, write my number, follow him to his hotel room and leave a small secret note. But I didn't. That night I lay in bed, heart pounding, I was excited, thrilled, curious. Maybe i could have a holiday romance, something small and secret...hidden smiles and little kisses.

The next morning he was checking out with his four sisters and all his luggage, I was slightly burnt and wore a singlet and shorts, my eyes covered in large dark sunglasses. I felt a gaze on me as i ate breakfast, I turned...his eyes were once again locked on me as he stood at the service desk. I slowly went to slide my sunnies off just as he placed his on and gave me...what I think was a very small smile that I returned in the most discreet of ways.

I still sometimes think of that boy and I know that even though we never met that night there was something there, something that made the water warmer, our laughs louder, our smiles wider and our gazes longer....something that felt a bit like love. 
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18-21, F
Aug 3, 2011