Since I Was 12

I met a girl named Emily online through a message board type thing. We talked and talked and talked and me being 12 and naive developed a crush and feelings. She had originally told me she was 16 but then when i told her my real age, she confessed her real age. We are both the same age, just seperated by a few months! We exchanged phone numbers and we've been talking ever since. She has been a sort of guardian angel for me, been there for me throughout my adolescence and I love this girl. I hope to meet her someday, she lives in Louisiana, I live in Arizona. Whether it is me being Naive or not, i love this girl. She's someone who I love because of what she says to me, how she makes me feel when i hear her voice. She's been there through everything that's happened to me since I WAS 12 years old! I am now 18 and I'm hoping to meet her soon. Just got get enough for airfare and sneak outta town before anyone notices I'm gone.... No one really knows about her, but everyone has always wondered why my adolescence has always been so calm and collected and it's because of my guardian angel, Emily.
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Awww I hope everything works out for you

I had a similar experience..