It's True

Sometimes it's refreshing to get to know someone from their writing and self expression rather than their physical appearance. To get a glimpse into their soul and be attracted to it rather than their tight buns. To have a dialogue of eloquent sweet words and come to be close. It's possible.

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Sorry you had a bad experience towhead, good luck Rob!

I'm sure it's possible!<br />
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I've had a soul-connection, which absolutely didn't work on a physical level. Some weird vibe when we met. Unfortunately that was the end of it, it never was the same after. Now I know better. :)<br />
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Thank you for reminding me, it was perhaps the most wonderful and beautiful time I had in my life. No matter the end. <br />
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Love & Peace

Thanx Bella!

:) But that would mean that I'd need a personality, darn it!<br />
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What's so wrong with tight buns anyhow? :D

Thanks Bella! You're a true friend indeed!

It is true, and it's not an avatar, just me...

I don't know if it is possible, it would be nice if it was true.<br />
I think it does help to really focus on the beauty of one's mind rather than their looks.<br />
I think in reality just like any relationship there can be insensitivity, hurt feelings and missed communication all with the ease of anonymity.<br />
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I love the avatar...very cool.

Me too...

Great story and very true. And yes it is possible......

I know it is. : ))

I think it's possible...