Totally Possible To Fall In Love Without Meeting..

It is totally possible to love someone you have never met. During war years ago men/women fell in love through letters - There was no internet, so why not when they are free to utilize email, text, phone.. I'm sure many have fallen in love. There are all kinds of you.

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Yes, most definitely. One can fall in love at what I call soul level. I did, and it will be eternal, although we are no longer together.

I searched it because I love a girl who like far away from me but my friends use to say me that its just a crush, you can never love anyone if you have never met him or her. But after reading thing I can make him sure that I don't have a crush, I truly love her.

Thanks for the help..

I searched this question because I believe im falling in love with a guy (in the military who was at war in fact) as we speak : ) he is wonderful and we have been communicating about many things, personal, and actually HAVE had some umm...not pg rated conversations as well. But he seems to be so patient and always there for me already, the other day I found, yself wanting to tell him I loved him-i wont though until I see him in person and only if I feel its mutual in person.....but its good to knw people feel this way too : )

X I said I love you after chatting with a cute girl for only one month or so. <br />
Now she is confused , how can I fall in love with her without even not meeting her yet.<br />
But thanks pep for your comments because I feel good after knowing that I am not alone in this type.

thats a really good story. and thanks because im in this situation. now im believe in my self. thank you so much!!

I truly believe that if people are real, open and honest with each other, it doesn't matter if it is face-to-face or e-mail or written letters or phone or all - they can fall in love, sight unseen. What I struggle with, even in my online friendships (only some of them, thank goodness) is that some people find it nearly impossible to be themselves. I don't get that - I can't be anyone but myself even when I wish I could pretend to be something else or someone else - I gave up trying to be anything but me long ago - I am just too transparent. The person that I have written several of my stories about, we talked only online for over a year (but I did KNOW him in real life from many many years before, to be perfectly honest), BUT he had changed - grown - turned into an incredible person that was MORE than I had ever known him to be long ago - by the time we met, I was, I believe, deeply in love with him - all from long long open and honest e-mails just sharing ourselves - no sex talk, no inappropriate conversations, etc... - we built a wonderful friendship. Now that has been gone for over a year because we (I!!) allowed the friendship to become more than it should have been - and that is my only regret - long story short (sorry!), I believe that when we are REAL - we don't necessarily have to have "real life" in order to fall in love!

I don't know but there are a couple of people on here i would like to meet in person.

I have said it before. Yes you can. After all, on line or in person, it is a mental connection to begin with. Some would say the body is the icing on the cake when the truth is it is the mind all along. When it is the body that is the main subject it is just lust.<br />
<br />
A man or a woman can be starved for mental communication as well. At some point, after not getting answers that has some logic to them is the beginning of the departing. When a person is shut out for whatever reason, this part of life will be fulfilled from someplace. It is the mind games that will drive another person away really fast whether or not they have left the building. I see many who live this practice and have it all their way and their way only and share none of anyone elses at all as they drive them away.<br />
<br />
They do in fact have all of their self to themselves as they do not share their self with anyone. They keep and hold their guard up and let nothing in or out from fear of loss instead of gain. This type of action or the lack of it is an insecure position to say the least. Those who are sure of themselves have no need to with hold anything.<br />
<br />
There is always more to the with holders story and it is never their fault. If you don't believe me just ask them.

What an amazing answer.
I know it's a few years old, but I saw it on google when I was looking up a movie title, and just had to respond.
You are so on target about "with holders." After the pain of so many years of marriage to a with holder, I have become one myself to a certain extent. I cannot let my guard down, and therefore the loneliness of all these years will continue. But it is what it is.

If you are talking to me Caarssimi ~ Thank You.
I should point out the point was, "If Its Possible to Love Someone You've Never Met."

Yes for reasons I first stated in my reply / comment.
Plus there was enough examples from letter writing between couples.
The Story / Experience did pose a good question.
I really only pointed that yes it could and I also pointed out when it ends.

All any relationship is ~ is mental.
It is the other persons mind and how they use it that one falls in Love with.
Anything else is icing.