Do They?

Jains don't believe in killing anything- not even insects. They take great pains to never do so, even refusing to be a farmer for fear of accidentally killing an insect.

So... when a bug bites them or they feel it crawling on them, do they do the "Oh-god-get-it-off-me" dance?


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4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I am a jain and usually i pick the bug and through out of my house. Jains do have a concept of self defence. example is that if your house is infected with say lots of bug then its impossible to stay and in this case people call the bug killers and use insecticides to kill the bugs. You know jains have a different meaning to karma than hindus. Jains living in the materialistic world have to live according to time. Its impossible to follow strcit jainism today.

They might..they respect their life but still might get the heeby jeebies.

I'm not a Jainist but I try not to kill any living creature, either. I do have a phobia about wasps, however, so whenever one flies into the room, I usually do the Litlle Miss Muffet thing.<br />
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LMAO! I am going to be thinking of this all day long now. I can just see my clients' faces when they see "teehee" all over their home page and nothing else.