Happily Ever After

Is there that one person that is just the right one? It can all seem like that, but I doubt that it is true. That there is understanding, acceptance, effective management, and so many other things. I can see and hear stories about love or relationships never working and so it can seem all but a dream. I feel a need for it and wonder if it will ever be there.
asert12345678 asert12345678
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Hi asert 12345678,

After being married for 36yrs, I can say yes love is true while it lasts.
In order to make it last, one has to continue to work at it. In the begining when u young your hormones run wild and that is normal. Then when you older you both growing and maturing but one needs to continue to work at making love fresh, new and exciting because that's when it flys out the door. Just my thoughts. Hope you fall in love soon as it's great!