I Wonder ..

i wonder if ..when u are with someone u love.. if is so magical as i imagine..

a gentle touch..

a whisper to ur ear..i love u..

if being with someone ..a real love doesnt hurt..

every day to wake up watching near u the person u love and smile coz hes near u..

to feel safe near him..

to watch him near u and know isnt a dream..

a real fairytale..

if real love doesnt hurt..is it like i imagine...to let urself be with someone and know its safe n its ok..

love is magic right..is real..?like i imagine?


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Gosh Amy, I hope it is like this. I haven't ever had that magical love, not since I was 11 years old and had my first boyfriend. To this day, he is still my best friend, but since him, I have never found that perfect trust. Perfect peace. I was a dumb bunny to let that one get away. I still love him. 56 years later, and I still feel like I lost something very special when his family moved to another city. But we were children. And we moved on.

Have you ever heard of Carl Jung the Philosopher/Psychologist? He speaks of the Shadow concept, we all have a shadow, hidden aspects of ourselves, conditioned by society. Parts of ourselves that since early childhood we've started to shut down and ignore. In relationship these "shadow" aspect will surface, we attract people who will trigger these hidden aspect of our personality that we've ignored or parts of us that we don't like. This is the purpose of relationships, to trigger these hidden wounds so that they can come out of the shadows, be faced, accepted and integrated into our becoming whole, complete human beings. It is an amazing journey when we start to recognize this and start to work on uncovering these hidden places of pain within us. Most people run away when these "shadow" aspects come up, take medication or self medicate with drugs, alcohol, working too much, checking out by watching others pain ie reality tv. But when we have the courage to look within ourselves we change and grow and then, only then can relationships be a journey into self and into the beauty that is each other. So I would refer to the work or Carl Jung and/or Debbie Ford, she has a whole series of books and a beautiful movie called the Shadow Effect which deals with this. That is only if you wish to do so of course. Having a beautiful lasting committed relationship takes a lot of work, and most of this work is on the self and it takes courage and commitment to discover as much as possible. Peace.

umm i understood that ''love begins with loving ourselves'' but didn understand the rest...<br />
though i think.......i can love others more

Love truly begins with thy self. If you do not wholly and completely love yourself then your "supposed " flaws will show up in anyone you are in close relationship with. This is the purpose of relationship! To show us what WE need to work on within ourselves. Sadly most people never recognize this and end up always projecting their on inadequeces and pain onto the other. Relationship is a gift that God gives us to discover ourselves, our true nature and our connection to Him and others. Some of us are meant to discover this through the pain and loss of relationships and some through the closeness and beauty of relationships. Regardless, there will always be difficulty, tests, and pains. Each of us in every moment has the opportunity to say either yes or no to the lesson, if the answer is no, the lesson will repeat until the answer is yes. All relationships, even the seemingly bad ones, have a purpose, we are all here to learn, it's up to us how quickly we do so.

umm.......sorry i dont understand anything.i tried read but ..umm cant understand

My father once said to me ...Gillian I don't know how I can help you Gillian but I can tell you these three things, There is no justice, Life is not fair......Life is circumstance..s.......This is what I Remember with the way this PTSD mind & was gifted I justr didn't remember the So called bad scarry times ...and choosing not to blame or judge no other as you will be judged so ...yes this is in saying my friend I will call you all my brothers and sisters in the TRUTH AS THEIR BELOVED DAUGHTER, has been bound to, (their truth that is WhitelightFather&GreenlightMother.In the past 10yrs my HU manHeart broke and I became a champion to to myself...In order to set my soul free..."The only this that matters;when all is said and done...Is the very few people you can choose to have with some people..... and the....the positive ways we can effect All others......When I was 27yrs old I nearly died and I remembered that moment by feeling that prior statement to be .....well now with a miss ; a mis Take...by taking my life as I have learned throught to my truth but was bound by the truth to come back and feel with all of you the ones who hold their heads thats who...the people under bridge's, in ally's, brken pathways with crack's so big, that even Lucky needed to find out every way at least to test those that choose not to see themselves or to get out of their headss for a change ..go for a swim with the infant that was U...when I had my heart felt all the fears of the child stashed where the two lifesavers usally where...I gifted child that You where and are still now every age still can believe to be free...as we all know that is everyones right to become free...Hu means colour....HUmanBEING.....colour man/waman Being...when we are infants and we have to be cared for by others ....Well did you know that kids when there babys and there screaming and they arnt hungrey and they are worm and held ....mybe they need you to sit eye to eye and know this is what I know that I didn't do at least not one of these but maybe all...after the rapture of the ascention and the rapsure as we turn back/(repent's true meaning)2words interdependent soon to be unifided back into ONNEEE.....COLOUR BEING...I finally had my heart bleed as you didn't know how to we afraid to feel...when we run from what we came to FEEL TO HEAL TO BECOME REAL...if one person new that to be leave it means to think US and U is the first part of US and you can join and WHEN ALL CHILDREN ARE AS FREE MEN ALL CHILDREN WILL BECOME THE PEACE THAT WE BECOME ...TRUE CHAMPIONS TO OURSELVES ...AND THEN WE LIVE FROM OUR HEARTS OUT AND WE WILL BE ONE HEART ONE....energy is forever moving never dieing forever becoming more....the truth is with inn u yourhearts truth...so ...my friends thets all believe and we will feel how she looks up to all of US....you see the eagles; they know we all share..yes ...we all are made up of what up of all the star dust as hollow 'ed ...do you know can you feel the great star you truly are we are all stars universes that have been stuck in time not recieving the lives blood..turned way down hoping ..that only two left that they would never have to feel the tramas these soul hearts do ....more to come contact me will only hear their truth in that moment....not to worry...you bock those you have intent. Now as I was infront of creation as the "Heart of The Matter",..I was asked these 3 things "Did U share your Truth? Did U risk Your Love? Do U need to come back again...Lifes's truths you gave your self to get educated about ...fairness depends on how you where treated the first 5 yrs of your life when you didn't stop crying cuz NOOOone would just sit eye to eye and let me teach you how to feel how to have patience and was gifted with the joy of fathers fay of teaching you to see your feeling as gifts to have correcting into U ...the you that came fully awake just with no instructions on the three parts of you the feelings that are fully activated through your thoughts which become our acting towrds unerstanding of self ...when we feel just stop and find your nearest someone and feel in your heart ...FOR WE ALL ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE SAME SUN....A TRUTHSAYER I AM awaken the golden children the garden seed planters are hear to heal all all her flames as we open our mind to free our souls body and mind now may we all love the U with in all of US haha love U aye sea...Kathryn...Beloveddaughter...Namaste ...yama


Ummm.... I got to give you (((((((SUPER BIG HUGS)))))

heh heh..ok... hmm..

i think..

i wonder if is like i imagine..if is real then everything will b ok coz two ppl together can win everything coz they have love..if is safe to be with someone then is beautiful like i think..<br />
<br />
i would write this in my personal diary but i wrote it here..

i guess:)

Love can be all of the above and is beautiful. Love is what two people make of it. I think it is great!

no need say sorry avi..<br />
i just wonder..

Hi amyMA<br />
yes Love is magic! Love is real and just like you imagine.<br />
<br />