Just A Thought ...

I wonder if a caterpillar dreams about being a butterfly.  

It's very happy sitting on a tasty leaf, munching away, filling its belly.  Then one day it gets an uncontrollable urge to wrap itself in a silken shroud.  So, without questioning why, it does so and sleeps in its cozy little homemade bag for a day or two.  Then, one morning it wakes up and yawns and stretches to find its world is completely transformed.  It emerges from its warm place and voila!  The most beautiful, unbelievable thing has happened.  Wings.  Not just plain old things either ... but the finest and most delicate haute couture creations you could imagine.  How surreal.  And they work too.  After a few tentative flaps they will take the once clumsy insect anywhere she chooses to go, soaring towards the clouds and breathing in the fresh air and basking in the light.  She is re-born and doesn't even remember her life as a caterpillar.  It's as if she has been this confident, carefree creature all along.   

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I wrote this on my birthday last year and someone has just rated it up. I'd forgotten about it until now. It feels very relevant to me today, even I understand myself here! haha

hmm... makes me think.. :)