Blinded By Love?

Can you feel it?  Sense it?  Do you know what it is even?  Do you run from it?  Do you dive right into it and allow yourself to be consumed by it?  Do you have your own pre-conceived notion of what it has to be?  Do you know it is right before you- reflected back when you look into my eyes, or is love truly blind?
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Thanks for your comments.

Oh and love is BLINDER than blindness! I love it though :-D

Dedre- I think you should keep fighting. My boyfriend of two years, 'chased' after me for two years before i said yes! Until I finally realized he was the one because throughout all those failed relationships, he was there right by my side and now we are together truely in love. i will never give up on him and he will never give up on me. and we have gone through so much, so much i tell ya. I lost a family member because i'm with him.

You didn't highjack. You answered my question I posed so it is all good. Here is my thing dedre. You have known her basically all your life, and I read somewhere that for every year a woman is married to a man that she normally would take 4 months to date again after their divorce/death and for every year that a man is married to a woman that it takes him 6 months to get to the same place. You have been very intimately close with her so it is like losing a wife in many ways so it will take time to be able to get over her. It may take a year and it may take five. Only you will know but apparently she has moved on or she would not be marrying another man.

holy jeesus I hijacked the thread, so sorry!!! Just got back from the said vacation sunday, so it's all VERY fresh in my mind and apologies!!!!!!!

Well...sometimes unrequited love is just love for the sake of love (did I say love enough in there?!?)...<br />
<br />
Regardless...I've spent nearly a year away from any chance she had of 'accidentally orbiting' into my life, and I've not felt a thread of what I felt the first 30 seconds of when I managed to run into her on my vacation back home.<br />
<br />
I tried to do it to get away from her and be..well...normal...and perhaps start afresh...but then what? is nearly a year not enough? especially once we have a moment she makes it patently obvious she desires me as well, despite everything? Did I not wait long enough...'cause if it takes much longer than that, then I'm just a sunk tuna.

Okay Dedre. you know I love you, right? So what I am going to say to you may sting a little. It sounds like to me she is stringing you along. . . She has had three years and she is still with your friend... In three years don't you think she could have grown some balls (i know you are sick picturing that but i mean figuratively) and gotten away from dude instead of marrying him? Is she doing it for security? love? Why is she marrying another man if she loves you babe? I know you love her and you are one of the most precious men I know so I want you to think long and hard before you change your life for her. Is she willing to put something into it too? or is she just going to sit back and let you make all the sacrifices? Please please please think about what you are doing. I will love you no matter what you do and I know what you are feeling is love and I am not questioning that in you but what she is giving you back, is that love too?

Well...I'm losing my friends over it...starting to lose my family (they're getting sick of it)...I'm starting to consider looking for transfer work near her...but she's already with him...but when we met up on my vacation...I spent a good 6 months away from her (my choice, a cynical b-day present, note my blog)...but it just rekindled the spark for both of us...I'm just...I dunno...too torn...<br />
<br />, look for a damn dramatic anonymous confession when I get home from work around 5am my time, lol.

I have that with someone. He doesn't ever give up on me and I will never give up on him.

It is truly blind...only can blind love cause me to drop everything, and chase after a girl who made her decisions (not to be with me), yet I still have the age-old cliche to "fight for what you want" and still....I dunno 3 years later, and she's nearly married...but whenever we're around each other, there are fireworks that we both can see, and butterflies in both our stomachs....I wish I knew an answer to this in the after all.