A Strange Weird But Loving Thought

hmmm...now since i have got a temporary job just to get a start..i have started watching movies again..i watched twilight..i didnt like the movie much..though i ladmire  the courage of that girl Isabella who loves a vampire...hmmmmm....if my boyfriend would have been a vampire..it would be fun...(((((though i have a very nice caring and adorable boyfriend but he is no less than a vampire..cold blooded ..very practical...he is never horny(in true terms)...i  adore him a lot..)))

then i would definitely choose to become a vampire for him and live with him forever..then i wouldnt be insecure of being apart from him ever..never...

well now since i am a human..so i have to live like human and convince my parnets for him and also make him stick to me only..that is more difficult than the prevoius one....and then i would have such little years to  live with him...wish we both were vampires.... :)
thefearless thefearless
22-25, F
Jul 14, 2010