When Things Go Astray

     I have know my friend for 16 years now. And over a period of 16 years you can't help but learn a lot about a person, this includes the ups and the downs in their lives and their personality.  I also learned in that period of time that the past is bound to repeat itself.  So, on her second marriage, my friend decides to throw her wonderful husband of 3 years and 1 year old daughter to the side for a man she just meet a few weeks ago and claims to be madly in love with.  I understand that there were issues in their marriage, especially when it came to communication.  So, getting into one of her many moods, she decides that she can no longer love her husband and her daughter, but to focus solely on herself and her new "boyfriend".

     I can see that she is destroying her family and ripping the heart out of her husband, so can my fiancee and the rest of our friends.  He has done everything that he can to try and fight for her, but she is convinced that this is the only route for her to take in her new it's all about me lifestyle.  I can understand people have problems, but when it becomes excessive like this, it just becomes too much.


     I have learned that you cannot change a person, no matter how hard anyone tries, they have to want to change themselves.  I try to relay this to both her and her husband, but they don't see it that way.  She is focused her new boyfriend and he is focused on taking their daughter and leaving her alone.  The rest of us can see what is going on with her, but she doesn't and her new boyfriend won't even listen to reason.

angeliquemarie angeliquemarie
26-30, F
Mar 15, 2010