would i be different?

would  i live somewhere else?

with different ppl?

different life?

different dreams?

different beliefs?

would i be better or worst person?



amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Hi amysangel<br />
As far as I understand it Lives do not start again. Some religious people talk about being Born Again. Maybe to them they start a new life. Sometimes people say they have "walked out on their old life and shut the door behind them". I think this is a metaphor rather than a real new life. <br />
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I do think within a Life you can experience a paradigm shift. This is a fundamental realignment of your understanding of what has preceded the paradigm shift. It is as if looking at your Life through new eyes. I think that this is like having a new life. The way to achieve a paradigm shift is read and think a lot - this fills your mind with new ideas and ways of looking at things - even so, I believe you stay the same person but change too.<br />
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They also say that in the course of 7 years you change every cell in your body. Like new hair grows or nails. It seems to me that in a sense every 7 years we are a new person in a sense.<br />
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There is continuity with a Life but also change. The trick is to take the best of the past and refine yourself. When we are young we rely on others to look after us and sometimes they cannot be relied on. They may damage us when we are not able to resist. This reflects on them not us. <br />
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You are best already!<br />

Amy, trust in yourself and don't lose hope.<br />
<br />
What happened to you was extremely terrible.<br />
But you have much much more to yourself than your past. Your uniqueness, choices and a beautiful heart. And this is what is going to define your future *Hugs*