Passions Party

So, my mother invited me to go with her to my 50-something year old uncle's, 28 year old girlfriend's Passions Party.  I told my mom I didn't feel like going.  Thank god, I said that. 

About an hour ago, I received a phone call from my mother.  It went like this:

Mom (whispering): I have to ask you a question.

Me: Okay.

Mom (still whispering): I'm still at the party, and they just went upstairs to smoke.  What do I do?  

Me: Um...leave?  

Mom (whispering still): Can I leave?  Should I wait and tell them before I leave?  

Me: I have no idea.

Mom (whispering yet again): They've been up there for about 5 minutes.  I don't know what they'll be like when they come down. 

Me: Just leave if you're uncomfortable.  And, you're asking the wrong person about what they're going to be like when they come down.  Call your son for that! 

Mom (whispering again): That's for sure.  

Me: I mean, did you buy things and pay already?  If so, just leave.

Mom (not quite whispering): Yeah, I bought things already.

Me: I don't want to know!!

Mom (a little louder): You want to know?

Me: NO!!

Mom (whispering): Maybe I'll just finish my wine and then leave.

So, my mom is at a Sex Toy Party where my uncle's girlfriend and her friends are smoking pot and my mom is drinking wine before she drives home....can this situation get any more taboo?!

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MizzBlue, my mom told me a few weeks ago that she had sex the night before. I haven't had sex in months. That depressed me. And kind of grossed me out.

Damn - your mom is twice my age, and getting more action than me ... I am so lame...... and yeah .. no daughter wants to know what sex toys a mom buys. eww eww eww ewwwwww.

*SMILES*<br />
<br />
I try.

Kitten you are a funny

You should have been here last night. It was bad. And gross. And I had nightmares all night.

I read most of this thread. It was hilarious.

My poor mom. She's sitting at home, clueless, to all of this. Of course, unlike me, her daughter, young and sexual, she's probably getting laid tonight. <br />
<br />
And with that, I might have to stab myself in the forehead with a pencil.

no but i wished i


I so didn't need that visual....

You should try to be closer to your mom, CK. Next time, go with her and help her with her selections. You might even help pick out something for dad. Wouldn't it be neat to wrap it up and give it to him for his birthday with a bottle of smirfs........


came down and ate? I really don't want to know just what they ate or whom

She told me they came down and ate. *Giggle*

I think a mother daughter relationship where you can kick back, share a spliff and talk vibrators is pretty much perfect!<br />
<br />
Seems a lot of the worlds problems could be solved with people chilling out and not worrying so damned much about victimless crimes (like drugs and blasphemy) and social mores imposed by a church with it's values taken from those of late bronze age desert nomad goat herders.<br />
<br />
Should have told her they might come back down smiling, chatting, maybe laughing even & with a severe need for a snickers!<br />
<br />
Yet she'd be comfortable with drunk people swearing, staggering, arguing and maybe throwing up... it's an odd world!


Yeah - no kidding. It's like walking in on your parents doing it... somehow, that's just never a good thing<br />
<br />
~ shudders @ the visual ~

It was so bizarre last night. Like I was the "mom" and she was the "kid". That wasn't the first time that situation occurred though. Ever have to pick up your drunk mom and her drunken friend from a party? That's eerie.

I say you should have told her to go on upstairs and have a toke.

Ha-ha -- CK has a MILF<br />
<br />
~ well not me personally ~

I've said the same thing repeatedly to her!!

Yeah, I had one a few years ago and was going to invite my brother's girlfriend. But, my mom was coming too. So, the girlfriend said she coudn't come. Well, we know it's because it would have been extremely uncomfortable for her!!

usair, you don't know my mom, do you?

im pleading the 5th on this one .

HEY!<br />
<br />
<br />

Would the last one to leave please turn out the lights?

Whaat??? Is the passion party all done already? <br />
<br />
*giggle*<br />
<br />

Yup, I'm with Das. Night night.

and on that note goodnight folks....

I think I might need to smoke something to get to sleep tonight, too.

OK CK, That was fun! Thank you - I hope I'm able to sleep after absorbing so much - I think I may need some weed myself.

CK, those other things I always just turned inside out.

Among other things.

That sounds familiar

Okay. Now I'm going to scrub myself with a brill-o pad until I can no longer feel anything.

Dr House, you may have to give CK's mother a complete examination. Can I have the rubber gloves when you are done with them?

My mom has not slept with Tommy Tutone.

and she always picks up on the second ring

don't let her lie it's 876



What is the area code?

How did you know her mother's name is Jenny?

I'm not asking where we imput the pin ha ha

Which is located where???

her number is 867-5309

What if I have a debit/credit card?

CK, I don't like to go backwards, but did she buy any sex toys for your dad? Because I could give her some ideas. What is her phone number again?

If it's Speechless Gas, it's gonna be expensive.

I never did get my price question answered

Let's hug it out.



Thank you for opening up to all of us. I feel needed.

dont gotget the brillow pad

It had something to do with my mom. And that's all you're getting. Now I have to go wash my eyes out with Windex.

speechless you need to change your name to random.<br />
ck now i really wanna know.

How much per gallon?

Sorry about that.

Oh no you're not. You don't want to hear it. Believe me.

ck im curious about what you thought

No, I'm in need of more meds now after reading that!! Oh good god.

oh wow you need the meds more than ck

Speechless, I could say something really horrible about you having the munchies, but then I'd have to dig out my eyes and I enjoy seeing, so I'm not even go to think it.<br />
<br />
Too late. Ugh.

My mother never had any sex toys so she used a baseball bat.

just be glad she isnt doing anything and everyone she comes across and the tells you not only about those people but her time with your father.

Nothing will block that out.<br />
<br />

ok, even the meds can't block out that one...

My mom has only had sex twice. Once when I was conceived and once when my brother was. And if it wasn't for the fact that my brother and I look exactly like my father, I'd suspect he was adopted.

I mean as long as they are not moterized.

You should be happy CK, Your mother will always be sexually fulfilled even if your dad is asleep.

I know. Sadly. I know.

ya this day will be burned into ur mind forever

trust me it never goes away

Burly, at this moment in time, I'll take whatever makes me forget this horrible story.

u might wanna add a crown and dr. pepper in there

Sounds like a good idea.

yes im currently on the 2 shots vodka and 1 long island iced tea 3 times daily

No. My brother found that first. He was hiding that under his own bed.

but did you find their box of pot?

Oh, I'm so very sorry. Are you currently in therapy for that? I think I need it.<br><br />
<br><br />
I remember finding my parents' box o' **** when I was younger. OMGOMGOMGOMG.<br><br />
<br><br />

i came to see my parents one day and they said look what we bought and it was their new "toys" it was horrible. so i know how u feel

*Hiding in the closet in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, repeating...*<br />
<br />
This isn't happening, this isn't happening.....

DAS!!!!!!! I'm not even going to touch that one. Ewww. Wait. That's not what I meant to say. <br />
<br />
Oh hell. <br />
<br />
I am not winning this.

LMAO, dasmuggler!

the worst thought is she smuggles in the toys

Hey. I don't smoke. However, if someone else needs it smuggled in, she could hide it in her cleavage!!

Your mom might be able to smuggle the pot into the hospital for you

Hopefully, my insurance will cover the "vacation" at the "special hospital" I'll most definitely be needing.