My Wifes First *********

My wife used to be very conservative until one day she went to a very close friends house. We really needed to spice up our sex life so I talked to a good friend and asked if his wife could befriend my wife and see if she could loosen her up a bit. She befriended her in church and they proceeded to make arrangements to go out for coffee and then to go hang out in their hot tub. She said she was going to ask a couple more friends over to make it a party.

She told my wife to don't wear a lot because they were all going to be in the hot tub. Tiffany the friend said that she was going to wear a holter and a miniskirt. She told my wife to wear just a minisundress or something. Something easy to remove. So my wife wore her black minisundress with a skimpy pair of panties which is all she owns anyways and no bra.

When she arrived at the party, everyone else was in bikinis except for my wife, Gina and Tiffany. They were already in the hot tub when they arrived. Tiffany told my wife that the only thing she had on under was her panties and that she was going to remove it. And asked if Gina would remove hers. Which she did. It was almost impossible to keep her ***** and breasts covored with the water logging down her minidress.

But what she didn't ell my wife was that everyones man was coming except for me. Me and a couple of others were watching the whole thing unravel on video. Well all the guys showed up, And Tiffany introduced her husband to my wife Gina(which is about 5'4",medium built with dark black hair and extremely cute).

He had a pair of skimpy swim trunks on and proceeded to climb into the hot tub. Tiffany strongly encouraged Gina to fully embrace her husband and that it was completely okay. Her husbands name was Tom and his **** was about ready to explode out of his shorts. Tiffany made sure when they started to embrace that Ginas minidress was above her waste so she could feel her husbands throbbing **** against her.

Tiffany put her arms tightly around her husband and Giana and made sure their was no air between them.  Mean while the top of Ginas dress dropped bolow her naked breasts and Tiffany slowly pulled Ginas dress off and over feet. Then Tiffany released her husbands throbbing ****. Tiffany quickly removed her own clothes and joined in. Tom started sucking on Ginas naked nipples and started fondling her naked *****. Then for the first time she ever kissed a women, my wife and Tiffany got into a lip lock. What a beautiful site.

Finally Tom picked my wife Gina out of the water, laid her down on the mat outsde the hot tub, and with her legs spread wide inserted his naked **** into her *****.They ****** like 2 people in heat. Mean while everybody at the party gathered around and joined in the all out **** fest.

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