No Wondering.....

We have had a couple of MfM ********** and we both loved it , and can't wait to play again! I Love watching her suck a **** while I have her bent over Doggie style ******* her ***** or *** all the while shoving that big **** deeper down her throat as we both approach shooting a hot load in her at the same time. Or better yet when she is sitting on top of me with my **** up her *** and I'm holding her legs spread open and he is ******* her ***** for all it's worth and we can feel each other between than thin barrier beteen her two hot holes. Knowing that we will be flooding her full of our *** at any moment. Eventually driving her towards the same goal of squirting all over us both as we all *** together.

bohica bohica
36-40, M
Feb 23, 2010