I Think She Does

This would not be completely new for us.  We tried swapping with a couple one time and another time she hooked up with another guy at a swing club and gave us both blow jobs.  But all of that has been a few years ago.  In the meantime I have gotten older and have had to resort to magic pills. A few months back she mentioned I really wasn't as good in bed as I once was and maybe I could use some help satisfying her.  At first she just wanted to find another guy to go out with and ****.  I said at least let me watch and I'll participate only if you want.  I also tried harder to satisfy her more often and seem to have improved some of late.  I have given her a few fantastic ******* lately, but it isn't something I can do all the time

She mentioned just the other night how horny she has been lately.  No negative towards me, just that she is horny alot.  So does that mean she back to thinking about a mfm 3 sum or hinting at something else??

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

It would be nice if she could be a little more specific instead of just hinting around using generalities

She hinting she wants some more excitement along with you in her life.