My Secret Side

To most of my friends and relatives I'm a respectable wife and mom. Sometimes it's frustrating not to be able to talk about my intimate, very sexual side. I guess that's the main reason I'm on EP. Living in the South people look down on women who display overt slutty behavior. When I first meet men who have become my sexual partners they're surprised that I'm the quiet soccer mom type. I guess it relieves a lot of stress for me to be on here and be able to talk about my other side.
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8 Responses Dec 2, 2012

happy to chat!

i think ladys like you are very sexy, i wish i could also be open with the people i know i am sure they would not belive the real person i am

We certainly share your 'secret'. We have been involved in swinging for some four years and continue to be selective but enjoy our 'other life'.

Glad you have this as a channel of expression...all of us have a secret side...its all about how we chose to deal with it...:)

twoshay !!!

Many of us or at least my wife and I, have our "other side". We try to project the image that we want family and the public to see. Our parents, other relatives, co-workers and others would have been horrified to know that we were, a long time ago, involved in wife swapping and MFM ********** which we both enjoyed. That was our business, not everybody's.

Although our wonderful extramarital adventures took place many years ago the memories are still vivid. I love reliving those great times, can do so on EP and can read the stories those with similar attitudes and experiences.

I am sure I'd go crazy without this place!

Hi lady,
How very true..its the same here from where i come have two seperate and unmixable forms of urself..