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It just hit me that people who are ugly might not know that they are? Do you think that they know it or does someone tell them or is it like the saying goes " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" What do you think people?

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I am not super duper ugly but I am not pretty and I am probably subpar. So I call myself homely. I guess the reason we uglier people or homely people don't go around admitting we're not cute is because people like to sugar coat the truth and tell you something you know isn't true. <br />
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I don't have a low self esteem. I like myself. I just know I am not attractive. I accept me if other people did instead of saying "Nah you're pretty" or "No you're cute" If I say I am ugly that's true. Its not that I am fishing for compliments, but most people believe if you are unattractive and you say it that means you want someone to lie to you. That's not what *I* want and know other unattractive/plain/homely and ugly people who accept it and don't wanna be told lies. <br />
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People need to be honest but I guess some people that cant handle they are unattractive take things the wrong way.

Thing is by your picture you are not attractive, so do you know?

Thing is by your picture you are not attractive, so do you know?

Thing is by your picture you are not attractive, so do you know?

Of course we know we're ugly. we've been told most of our lives that we are disgusting or make barking noises when we come around or people act like they are going to throw up or they don't acknowledge that you even exist or you are an outcast or people just start making fun of you just for kicks .If they only knew how it kills someone on the inside they wouldn'tdo it.

maybe people lie to them to be nice but im just wondering also if they know.... lol

Ugly is a word that needs to be used in hushed tones I guess..... It is not a very nice word to use against people in general.

I am sure that some ugly people know they are not as attractive as their peers. I used to joke about there being support groups for parents of ugly children. I meant ugly as in personality, but people always took it the wrong way so I stopped saying it..lol. Ugly is as Ugly does. It really is what is inside that matters most. Like presents at your birthday. You can get the most beautiful package all tied up with pretty paper and bows and when you unwrap it have a very cheap, less than desirable gift inside, but the one in the plain wrapping all mangled and shoddy on the outside could contain the gift you always wanted. Nevr judge a book by it's cover!

Trust me, once u passed high school, look is nothing. It's all about $, social skills, intelligence, personality, and if you're an interested person. Bimbos and mimbos are boring!

I don't wanna know so don't tell me. Let me go on living the lie and I'll be just fine... nothing wrong w/ a little denial.

Thanks, and mymy I would never call you ugly I think you are a beautiful person inside and out. : D

I was no beauty and still do not take compliments very well. Sorry you are having a bad day hope it smooths out for you!

All right you took the wind out of my sails treefrogz. Like I said I was just having a little fun and you brought me back to reality. I know it is a cruel world out there and I just can only not add to that when I am out and about. I treat everyone as equals or at least I try to....

Tree, are you talking about people who may have some kind of deformity? Because honestly, I know many people who may not be very photogenic, or feel they are ugly, but are very happy, and do not go about hiding.<br />
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Truly, ugliness is in the eye of the beholder, and perhaps some beholders are cruel.

Yes there are and the parents do not know the babies are ugly, that is a whole new thread!!

Hey, I'm just carrying on here. Although some may not be as pretty as others, people who are being themselves are not ugly. Real beauty and real ugliness comes from the inside of course.<br />
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But of course, there are ugly babies.

There is the so ugly they are cute ones too!! We can always look that side of the coin also!!

But I know I'm not alone. You wouldn't believe how many ugly people I see in a day's time.

No..we ugly people are very sensitive.

Yeah, we know. Wanna make something of it?

'Aw, I am not trying to pick on people here and I am sure you are not plain by any means!!

Then you have your ones that have not a clue and maybe that is good because they act "as if" and probably do better than they would have otherwise.

No NatureGirl you bring up a very good point. I have met some beautiful people who you could see how ugly they were on the inside. I understand exactly what you are saying.

I know I am being entirely too serious here, but in my opinion, inner beauty can be seen on the outside even if the person isn't conventionally attractive. when someone is comfortable with who they are inside, love themselves, and possess confidence; there's just this aura and charisma about them that makes them attractive. The most physically beautiful person can be the ugliest person because of who they are on the inside...But then again, that's just my opinion.

I hear that. Everyone's definition is different , I just thought it would make for an interesting conversation. As it has.

There's a saying, that goes "So ugly that it's cute!"... I did not know it could be true till I've just met someone recently who perfectly fit this ex<x>pression.<br />
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There are a lot of ppl out there who don't have any self critique... That's for sure! <br />
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Still... IMHO beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. I find myself ugly, and I have a friend of mine who's into photography. He knew about my lack of self confidence and he convinced me to have a pjhotoshoot with him. He said "I wan't to make you feel beautyful, to feel LOVED" In the end his pictures turned out to be surprisingly good... I completely "fell for" that girl on his pictures... My self confidence got boosted, and I beleive that Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder<br />
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Besides.. you'd need to define what UGLY really is anyway ;oP

You like that, I thought it was fitting!! hee hee

Lady you to pick that picture lmao.

You are right inner beauty cannot be seen on the outside and I look for that in people too!!

Haha...sorry, Cinfullynn!<br />
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The metaphysical part of me says we are all beautiful in our own way, and physical beauty is only skin deep.<br />
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The human part of me says...yeah...she's right! I've wondered that myself:)

I will try to make a point of reading it....now we are so serious here.....I just wanted to have fun = )

I have..."because once you are real, you cannot be ugly, except to those who don't understand"!

No I have not, I take it I should?

Have you read 'The Velveteen Rabbit'?

I am not trying to be mean or anything. There was a lady once that had children that a friend of mine used to say someone actually slept with that woman?

LOL.<br />
I almost spit my tea at my computer screen.<br />
I have actually thought about this.<br />
I'm pretty sure that ugly people don't know that they are ugly.<br />
There's also the variable that everybody has different tastes.