Yes,they Really Do Use Fear To Motivate!

I’ve been saying it. Others have been saying it.  And now a retrieved document from a RNC fundraising presentation puts it out in black and white. The Republican party has been effectively using fear of Obama and socialism to broaden its base. In this document, they actually make fun of donors!

The small donors who are the targets of direct marketing are described under the heading “Visceral Giving.” Their motivations are listed as “fear;” “Extreme negative feelings toward existing Administration;” and “Reactionary.”

Wow! I suspect the tea partiers aren’t going to like this!


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Hey MailMan, glad to bring you a smile at the right time. :)

LOL...........................I needed a smile today. Thanks EVE

Absolutely! Yes...fear and paranoia is their platform...without those they'd cease to exist.

It is discouraging, isn't it? Though I am feeling good about the power of the people in Wisconsin. The lies that were poured on in commercials didn't work. It looks hopeful at this particular moment that they will be unsuccessful in eliminating collective bargaining as part of the budget plan.

My fear is that the distorian of facts falsehood and down right lies and some are increaseing becoming dumber like the people that belive them.<br />
Reason and logic is fadeing

When I posted this article, HCR passing and the threats of violence towards democrats who voted for it hadn't happened yet. Motivating with fear during uncertain times that have people afraid for themselves, their families, and their homes, has consequences. So much of what is being said seems so transparently wrong I, too, Toby, am amazed that people fall for it. There are stupid people out there, but I think the effect that fear has on the ability to think in a complex way is more significant. and there are times when the rhetoric coming from Fox News seems absolutely surreal to me. It really helps to read the posts and comments here,

Good find Evesharvest........ I was looking for that article at the beginning of March but was so busy I had little time to locate it.... Thank you for the post.<br />
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Also wanted to say good comments Evesharvest Mal and Toby

They use it because it works. The fact that they are using fear was no big surprise. But their being so open about using it, even internally--that surprised me.

Hi evesharvest, since the beginning of recorded history politicians and religious leaders have used fear to motivate the masses. They've known that where truth fails fear will succeed. That's why religious leaders tell their parishioners that if they don't abide by the 'rules' they will go to hell.<br />


I do NOT believe in either religion or hell.